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suck teet
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A sucking noise made with the tongue pressed against the teeth used to express annoyance, frustration, or contempt.
okeuzo5 Nov 15, 2012
It can well be assumed that this socio-cultural behaviour was handed down from the first African ancestors that crossed the Atlantic. This is evidenced by its prevalance and common use across almost all Western and Central African cultures. There seems to even be certain body languages that accompany it which when seen in the Carribean are almost identical to those found in Western and Central Africa today. These may be but are not limited to hand/ shoulder movements, eye movements and facial expressions.
Belna May 19, 2015
suck teet
Lerone May 27, 2016
Why is called suck teeth when actually its quite the opposite ..BTW who coined the term suck teeth in the first place.
Gredeci Jul 28, 2016
In the Barbados its scheups or steups
Me Sep 16, 2016
Kiss teet =kmt
Bobzy Aug 23, 2017
Kiss me teet
Bigga Jun 13, 2018
In Surinam it's called Tyuri or tjoerie