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A ghost or spirit that lives as an old woman by day, but turns into a blood sucking monster by night. According to some legends, she is able to to take off her skin and put it back on.
Isabella Alleyne Feb 05, 2014
This is not correct. the term is "soucouyant".
wusamata Feb 09, 2015
paul Jun 22, 2015
oligue ....old higue...its the woman herself. its not a spirit. It sucks the blood out of babies and people. old hag in British terms or old english
Nikki Sep 14, 2018
Nikki Sep 14, 2018
But in my country it's tru it's a sprit that appears as an old person
Mark Headley Oct 24, 2019
My father always told me about a Hag when she takes off her skin and put salt onto it, becomes impossible for the Hag to fly.
Samuel Dec 31, 2019
I never see it so
Christiana May 29, 2020
I actually saw a soucouyant I swear it really true as our folktale tells it appears like a ball of fire that flies at night and then preys on its victim.
Michelle Grant Jul 23, 2020
I feel that the old lady on my stree is a sukunya. Lady's worked for her always asy at night. She's over them . I slept over at her house. I took a candle with me . A sage one. I did not sleep candle lit . And the fire went up high. Went home that morning. That night. This lasy in blue was over me like trying to suck from me. I just remember calling on God. It took it's time going .
Jack Sep 13, 2020
Sounds a lot like the Boo Hag creature that is found in the low country of South Carolina and Georgia in the U.S.
Lilly Aug 06, 2021
Well, I heard a soucouyant b4. It happened for 4 nights straight. It sounded like scratching on the roof, but I thought it was a rat, or maybe a bird trying to get in, not to think it was an actual spirit.
Lilly Aug 06, 2021
But after the scratching, the next morning my cousin came over and I saw a bruise on her leg, so I asked and she said it was a soucouyant. I didn't believe her but she said her mom got it as well. So, the soucouyant was trying to get into my home, but when it failed, it went to my cousin's home, which is right besides mine. I'm scared shitless.
Karen Jun 28, 2022
Well buoy the time I see da I get frighten because I wanted to know what is dat like what ...!!! That got me sooooo scared eh 🤣
Angel Robles Dec 30, 2022
I remember my friends telling me stories of this but with a different name when I was younger. I fell asleep and woke up with a bite on my arm.