The Caribbean Dictionary


Going to
A fast food meal of fried chicken and french fries.
Outside or outdoors


Than; Introducing another element for comparison or reference.
Previously. In the past.
To taunt by sticking out one's tongue.
An African day name for female children born on Thursday.


We - first person plural
We - first person plural
Everyone - second person plural
A trumpet like instrument made from an animal's horn. It was traditionally used as a Maroon communication and ceremonial tool. It was...
Pouteria caimito, a tropical tree, and its fruit originally from South America. It will grow an average of 33 feet (10 m) high, and...
To annoy.
A firefly; A beetle that produces a blinking yellow, orange, or red light via bioluminescence.
A maroon chieftain after whom the town of Accompong in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica is named.
A fried batter made from a mix of flour, saltfish, onions, peppers and other spices
A condiment made from fruit (often mango), vinegar, peppers, salt and mustard oil
Any hard liquor or alcoholic drink
Fruit native to West Africa that was introduced to the Caribbean. It is the national fruit of Jamaica, and features prominently in...
ackee and saltfish
A traditional food that is the national dish of Jamaica. It typically prepared as a sautee of boiled ackee, saltfish, peppers, onions...
A John Canoe character that recites poetry and Shakespearean plays.
To show off or put on airs
Any of various species of large lizards
Birth certificate.
A mean of cornmeal mush cooked in leaves.