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sketel 2
Sean A Rooney
Daniel Romano - 14 hours ago
guineos enanos
guineos enanos 4
Kurt is correct; Finger Rose in Antigua and Barbuda
Simon - Jan 21, 2019
apple 25
Custard Apple in Antigua. Cashew is different.
Simon - Jan 21, 2019
forty leg
forty leg 42
My son was just bitten by a forty leg in his head on his bed we took him the soldier camp and the medic give him son something for it...
Pat - Jan 20, 2019
bird pepper
bird pepper 4
someone should add 'haal up' meaning come over here
da boss - Jan 18, 2019
banga 24
Could someone please add a definition for the local idiom: "banga season?"
Peppa - Jan 15, 2019
bazodee 12
Bazodee comes from French, "abasourdi", which mean "confused", "stunned", "shocked"
Kodi - Jan 15, 2019
cerasee 18
My GrandMother used to give me every month after my periods it was very very bitter but I tell u. It works for a lot of ailments 👌🏽
Ingrid - Jan 15, 2019
manicou 59
When in Trinidad go to Paramin during Christmas time: best Manicou stew ever... all accompanied by Parang music. Sensational
Ale - Jan 15, 2019
golden apple
golden apple 22
it's called June plum in Jamaica
Donna - Jan 14, 2019
susumba 14
Smh - Jan 14, 2019
clide 11
Smh - Jan 14, 2019
bloodclaat 21
Wah di ass Jonh talkin?? 😂😂 the disrespect Avinash smh.....BIG UP DI CARIBBEAN MASSIVE LUV ALL YUH !!
Kevin - Jan 12, 2019
bamsee 7
yuh mudda - Jan 11, 2019
gooseberry 26
Getting don't gooseberry jam tonight. Can't wait. Mouth watering an all. Haha yes man. 🤤🤤
Nella - Jan 10, 2019
jack spania
jack spania 20
one was ... Chasing me I did not know it was a wasp
Dragon age - Jan 09, 2019
coolie plum
coolie plum 21
What's the health benefits
Sher - Jan 09, 2019
gaulin 7
We say gawwlin.
Lenster - Jan 07, 2019
sweat rice
sweat rice 70
This shit is unsanitary cause that’s booty sweat too but how is it everyone is acting like they don’t no about “Stay Home”...
Jay Jay - Jan 07, 2019
penny piece
penny piece 15
this fruit is great.... sweet fuh so wen ripe good.... wen it ripe the skin will get yellow ans a little tender.. havent seen this in...
loranzo - Jan 03, 2019
ackee 105
Guinep in Colombia is called mamoncillo...Ackee is in Colombia too but I don't know what it's called since I never met anyone who...
IntlFam - Jan 01, 2019
caan sham 2
very similar to puerto rican or dominican gofio candy yum
Bri - Dec 31, 2018
star apple
star apple 13
The first one is Caimet or star apple. The second one is five finger or star fruit.
Zen - Dec 31, 2018
baccalow 5
Salt fish. Or if you live in the country. Sal fish
David - Dec 30, 2018
asham 5
There was a store on Temple street south of Redcliff street after school. I would go there if I had money and get my pack. $0.50
David - Dec 30, 2018
dumms 2
Raided my God mother's tree. She had many different trees and plants
David - Dec 30, 2018
aprin 4
Dumms. I raided my God Mothers tree at least once a weak when in season
David - Dec 30, 2018
apple banana
apple banana 7
We call it Finger Rose
David - Dec 30, 2018
jimbilin 41
Correction: sea wet or gooseberry
Andre - Dec 28, 2018
malaba 14
Wax apple in English, pomme d'armour in creole
Andre - Dec 28, 2018