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gyalis 13
A gyalis is a man who every girl wants. The man y'all are defining to be a gyalis is the definition of a man whore. Being a gyalis is...
Tk - 11 hours ago
tanty 1
A old aunty looking for young guys
Tt - Yesterday
jimbilin 72
Can anyone tell me how I can get some jimbilin/cherrymena to purchase?
Tracy - Sep 24, 2022
lenky 3
Ahmed xuseen - Sep 22, 2022
unu 7
how unu dweet
ly - Sep 19, 2022
batty man
batty man 3
Is aunty mann😂
Jayda - Sep 18, 2022
cerise 48
It is know as downs, cerise is another type of fruit, also governor plums is also a different type of fruit
Jm - Sep 17, 2022
susumba 35
Chileee, why the Haitians crying in the comments. Y’all leave them Haitians alone before they run for that akcee tree and cast a...
Stacy-Ann Beckford - Sep 17, 2022
yellow breast
yellow breast 3
Just saw a pair here in south Texas point comfort
Edward moreno - Sep 17, 2022
forty leg
forty leg 93
I just saw a big one in my kitchen and when I chop at it went where my son has his toys along with some bathroom fixtures and...
Charm - Sep 17, 2022
primrose 15
Love this as a kid but have not seen a tree since.Is it still available in Trinidad and where.Thank you😊😊
Cheryl - Sep 16, 2022
talawah 20
It is a Arawak word. Meaning stronge in proportion to size.
Heartbeat - Sep 13, 2022
sweat rice
sweat rice 104
In Suriname this is called Kroi, and can also be done using menstrual blood apparently. It is black magic and, as with all dark arts,...
Rich - Sep 13, 2022
magga 7
I think this comes from the Dutch word "mager" meaning very skinny or malnourished
Rich - Sep 13, 2022
cut ass 3
Stop from playin’ or I gan cut yah ass!
Bain - Sep 11, 2022
golden apple
golden apple 38
Golden apple is the best fruit i ever taste.
St.Croix - Sep 11, 2022
crapo 30
Crapo can also be referred to as a vagina “go wash yuh crapo”
kk - Sep 10, 2022
nani 10
Trinidadians also say nani as vagina or punani
kk - Sep 10, 2022
carailla 2
This is sopropo in Suriname. It is usually stewed with salt meat or pig's tails.
Rich - Sep 09, 2022
bun bun 2
In Suriname they fry the rice at the bottom of the pot in oil until it crisps up. It is called brong brong
Rich - Sep 09, 2022
charlie 1
They also say Charlie in the USVI
harvey766 - Sep 06, 2022
jeezam peas 7
I always thought it was “cheese and peas”
Nelly - Sep 05, 2022
john crow
john crow 22
I hve heard Jamaican women call their spouse John crow in heated arguments I don't feel anyone should call a human that name or dog poop.
Gene - Sep 03, 2022
eye pass 11
ah wah di rass, you just tek ya eyes and pass me-said by a “traditional guyanese parent” lol.
Tete - Aug 30, 2022
sewo 4
How do you pronounce "sewo"?
allen - Aug 27, 2022
muddascunt 29
move yuh dutty muddacunt from here
Trinbago - Aug 26, 2022
five finger
five finger 12
We call it five fingers in Grenada 🇬🇩
Tina - Aug 26, 2022
chiny guinep
chiny guinep 15
It is one of the most sweetest and refreshing fruit I've ever eaten.😊
Novesta - Aug 25, 2022
bun rice 1
Lord - Aug 25, 2022
coolie 189
What ?!
Spice &nutmeg - Aug 25, 2022