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john crow
john crow 16
Da person not da Vbird
Brian - 23 hours ago
counter flour 9
Counter flour is not the same as All Purpose flour; its the same as Bread Flour- therefore heavier and contains more gluten.
Kristi - Mar 25, 2020
jimbilin 46
Jimbilin grew up eating it as a child. Fresh off the tree or stewed. As far it being poisonous is a ridiculous claim, I don’t even...
Thelma in NY - Mar 25, 2020
gooseberry 31
Looking for a plant live in United stayes
Indra - Mar 24, 2020
sweat rice
sweat rice 85
This is crazy can’t believe people still do this just to trap a man that don’t want to be trapped period!!!!
Babygirl - Mar 24, 2020
pomerac 62
We call that a Morroco in SKN
CaribXavi - Mar 24, 2020
almond 23
Can you open it up and plant the seed in a pot to grow?
Tim - Mar 22, 2020
lolo 6
WTF? Nonsense she was saying and doing.
Smart - Mar 19, 2020
coolie 156
I m from new York what I read is coolie is pure Indian descent and doogla is Indian and African Indian and African...
Mr Benjamin - Mar 18, 2020
susumba 29
Never know this susumba was good for eating it looks like some kind of poison but good to know maybe i will try it
Rickie mohammed - Mar 17, 2020
bhagi 11
The first 4 pics are different varieties of aramanth which is called Spinach Bhagi in T&T. The 5th pic is Dasheen bush, used in...
Leslie - Mar 16, 2020
dotish 4
365 - Mar 16, 2020
bugga man
bugga man 21
Oh muddaskunt dawg πŸ˜‚ fire pon all dem bugga man and antiman muddaskunt
Josh - Mar 14, 2020
fat pork
fat pork 21
Don't have to be peel skin, you can eat with or without.
Angus - Mar 10, 2020
cerasee 20
I saw people in Tobago use the freshly picked vine as scrubbing pad when taking their (sea)bath. I tried it and cannot recall any...
Doro - Mar 10, 2020
sea grape
sea grape 7
There are lots of them in Tobago. But difficult to find the sweet ripe ones on the trees before someone else ;)
Doro - Mar 10, 2020
poppy show 8
A person that is boastful (likes to brag)
Rissa - Mar 10, 2020
poohar 5
To do something poorly
Caryeese - Mar 10, 2020
batty bwoy
batty bwoy 5
Can't wait till these words die out and be done.
Allison - Mar 05, 2020
soursop fish
soursop fish 10
Saw a Soursop fish at White House for the first time. It's an ugly brute. CHC with Symz and friend
CHC - Mar 04, 2020
provision 5
Mostly used in Tobago, but also known in Trinidad (I added the flag - let's see if it goes up).
dimonic - Mar 03, 2020
mamaguy 6
@Trinigyalian methinks thou doth protest too much!
Dominic - Mar 03, 2020
bilimbi 11
I have a tree in my back yard since i was small kid growing up. We in Trinidad (Biche Village) call it Armbrak
Tashmeera - Mar 03, 2020
bachac 5
what are the predators of the bachac?
keemstar - Mar 03, 2020
Goat doh make sheep 2
Sander Maraj - Mar 02, 2020
cerise 33
There is a tree with a yellow sour cherry type fruit that we refer to as cerise
Stephanie - Mar 01, 2020
forty leg
forty leg 54
I was just in my bathroom talking a shower when I saw a red-brownish object whining across mi shower curtain mi say o lord mi Tek up...
Easty - Mar 01, 2020
rassclaat 4
shut ya bloodclaat mouth da man for me puch ya right upside ya dome
jaiden - Feb 28, 2020
pholourie 8
Juan Mclaurin - Feb 27, 2020
kenep 57
we call it akee
valarie - Feb 25, 2020