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sugar apple
sugar apple 14
Trinidadians calls it the sex fruit it's an aphrodisiac
Mindy - 11 hours ago
jankro 11
Jankro is also a name of a god given by some Nigerians to their unseen cult god, this confraternity in Nigeria is represented by a...
Noel - Sep 21, 2018
anon 14
Bien dulces son muy deliciosos
Anon - Sep 20, 2018
laglee 7
Its something used for bird cayching
PHENIX - Sep 20, 2018
christophene 2
Called Christophene in Guadeloupe as well.
Amy - Sep 20, 2018
jackfruit 17
In Indonesia we called Nangka ^^
Cinthya - Sep 19, 2018
ornate hawk eagle
ornate hawk eagle 2
Who are the owner of the photos?
Cornelio - Sep 19, 2018
jimbilin 34
I also know it has jimbilin (jumbelin) it grew near the gully were I resided ( Duhaney Park Kgn 20)
Nour - Sep 19, 2018
bloodclaat 15
Ya bloodclart when me gal is on her raggs. Ya get me can't believe man's have forgotten bumbo
Reggie Yates - Sep 18, 2018
sensemillia 7
I Mark From Uganda Jinja I Like Weed As Food
Dwayne Situart Mark - Sep 18, 2018
cocrico 2
What is another name for this bird please help
Cocrico - Sep 17, 2018
mammee apple
mammee apple 12
Mansie pote
James - Sep 16, 2018
barbadine 2
Cynthia - Sep 16, 2018
pomerac 50
Local as we call it makes also a very good homemade wine . I always make at xmas. Delicious to soak fruits for black cakes.
Indi - Sep 15, 2018
sukunya 5
But in my country it's tru it's a sprit that appears as an old person
Nikki - Sep 14, 2018
vex 3
mi nuh know y shi bex wid mi kiss mi teet
rattie - Sep 13, 2018
governer plum
governer plum 10
This is DUNGS🤦🏽‍♀️ not Governors Plum. Had a tree growing in front my neighbor's house
Steups - Sep 12, 2018
forty leg
forty leg 40
It almost bite my 2 month's old daughter last night almost bite her sister years ago at her age n I let my father kill them both....
Shelli-Ann - Sep 09, 2018
talawah 14
From research I have done, the likeliest derivation is from the English word "stalwart" of which it is a corruption. As someone else...
Chas - Sep 09, 2018
jack spania
jack spania 18
Know it as jack spanna ,if allergic to it you can run a fever but normally put some ice on it for the swelling and to get the stinger...
Patrick - Sep 08, 2018
chellomello 7
yup we call it gooseberry as well and its sour as can be. Best enjoyed with black pepper and salt
roger - Sep 08, 2018
kenep 50
I absolutely love eating kenep. It’s one of the list of food I want to eat when I go to Haiti.
Sterline - Sep 07, 2018
su su 12
We call it sou sou.
Eden - Sep 06, 2018
chenet 40
We call it a keep in Barbados.
Patricia - Sep 05, 2018
poomp 2
A next word for fart
T - Sep 04, 2018
gully bean
gully bean 4
Recipes by which I can get some health benefits
Douglas Bartlett - Sep 03, 2018
grudgeful 3
Is it harmful?
Liz - Sep 03, 2018
gongolo 5
Smells of Bromine/ Iodine.
Bajanese - Sep 01, 2018
unnu 19
Wunna; all ah wunna; yuh see wunna! etc. That's how it is used here in Barbados.
Bajanese - Sep 01, 2018
tanko bean
tanko bean 9
They use it a lot in perfumery as a base scent/ notes.
Bajanese - Sep 01, 2018