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scunt 4
Scunty means baby girl who ever call ppl scunty well all yuh get through with a pretty gyal that is alyuh luck in having a gyal...
From Zettek grew member - 22 hours ago
forty leg
forty leg 58
Swear these creatures are vicious. Saw three in my bathroom and I killed them. Its like they like my rrom or something. Saturday...
Deen - Yesterday
ball pate
ball pate 8
I saw one in my backyard at sunset eating from a Gully Bean tree in Highgate,St. Mary. A very beautiful bird.
Carlene - May 31, 2020
rassole 2
Actually actually a Noun and adjective
Sharllah - May 31, 2020
bolom 3
i remember reading Ti-Jean and his brothers and we refered to the fiende as a "bolom" meaning the spirit of an unborn or aborted child
PoppyBaby - May 30, 2020
pothound 22
Pot hound
Doing it right - May 30, 2020
sukunya 8
I actually saw a soucouyant I swear it really true as our folktale tells it appears like a ball of fire that flies at night and then...
Christiana - May 29, 2020
mammee apple
mammee apple 23
One of my favorites. They smell wonderful and taste like a firm, but slightly green apricot. Yummy and tart.
Lois - May 28, 2020
poppy show 9
A person so over- the - top, they have become a ridiculous spectacle, to be made a mockery of- hence the literal meaning: puppet show.
Kerry - May 27, 2020
golden apple
golden apple 31
When do golden Apple season start in Barbados
Kia - May 26, 2020
obeah 6
Listen here folks these were the practices we were doing long before the white man introduces their white god to us and I know you...
Madame - May 25, 2020
jamoon 5
That looks nothing like a plum it looks like a olive n we call it in Barbados jamoon
Blackrose - May 25, 2020
pommecythere 19
June Plum in Jamaica
Peter - May 24, 2020
chinee tambran
chinee tambran 20
Hmmmm, again I went in search of the tambram Daysan tree. I saw many trees with the fruits that resemble tambram daysah but all on...
Denise Sheppard makoul - May 24, 2020
beh beh 3
"We did not sign up for a beh beh in Chief."
Kelvin Charles - May 21, 2020
nanny titty
nanny titty 11
In St. Ann Jamaica we called them Back Nanny we would put them on a piece of cardboard and we would Sing, “Back nanny back nany...
Damion Dunkley - May 20, 2020
jimbilin 52
Rasberry not Raspberry lol
David Christian - May 19, 2020
dilly 14
David Christian - May 19, 2020
chenet 50
David Christian - May 19, 2020
bubbub 4
David Christian - May 19, 2020
aprin 7
David N Christian - May 19, 2020
catahar 3
Hardaye Latchman - May 16, 2020
gooseberry 34
Sour Cherry
Dianne - May 15, 2020
chalta 2
This make good anchar
Dianne - May 15, 2020
cerise 34
Its governor cherry.We have a tree in our yard. You have to roll it to soften it and then suck good
Dianne - May 15, 2020
abiu 8
It's a Caimette. They come in purple and green color
Dianne - May 15, 2020
ackee 114
Ayo lads, just wondering if anyone has seen the magnificent Jesse Lingard and Shkodran Mustafi in action? Please dm me on ig if you...
Mustafi+Lingard=unstoppab - May 15, 2020
noni 12
I have tried it and it's disgusting, but at the same time very enjoyable. I recommend this to anyone who has a "noni" in front of them.
Mustafi+Lingard=goat - May 15, 2020
eddoe leaf
eddoe leaf 7
Also known as fine leaf callaloo in Guyana, it is like a wild spinach proliferating as a weed among cultivated pot plants in particular.
Fritz McLean - May 14, 2020
rass 14
Ya lil rass tink mi in hear ya
Kim Naia - May 14, 2020