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lickrish 9
Batam belly
Hgf - 11 hours ago
gyaf 1
Ronella Lyte - Yesterday
When yuh en got horse, ride cow. 1
This is one of my favs.😃🇧🇧 What a great start to a handy resource - will share this.
Sandra Sealy - Oct 25, 2021
caca hole 2
"That man smelling like my cacahole"
Rolland - Oct 25, 2021
avogado 7
YACK !! hate it
Dylan - Oct 25, 2021
pommecythere 33
Called jobo (hobo) in Venezuela, and other Latino teritories such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, etc.
Jay - Oct 24, 2021
ganga channa 11
Yek, this is just plain nasty. This might get the man sick rather that control him but all the same here is the trick... Ah know some...
Bobby - Oct 24, 2021
slackness 1
Weh yuh pickup dah slackness deh English: Where did you pickup that bad behavior
Bobby - Oct 24, 2021
blood 1
Wha gwan, blood- what's up friend
Bobby - Oct 24, 2021
left han dumplin 2
The trick of this "tie" works something like this: The woman undresses and in a naked state goes into the kitchen where she kneads...
Bobby - Oct 24, 2021
tree 3
Mi waah tree a dem (english) I want three of them
Bobby - Oct 24, 2021
salt 1
Yuh salt, dem always blame yuh even doe yuh neva dideh....- You are very bad lucky, they always blame you even though you weren’t there
Bobby - Oct 24, 2021
massa 1
from master or massa. Now freed from its class origin; a respectful form of address to an older man.
Bobby - Oct 24, 2021
sweat rice
sweat rice 95
The classic sweat rice is prepared with a passion not to bring intimacy and romance but simply to create the beh beh man
Bobby - Oct 24, 2021
ting 3
The slang term “Ting” is a noun, the word is Jamaican/Caribbean way of saying “thing” but ting is widely used to reference a...
Bobby - Oct 24, 2021
kin ova 1
Di pot kin ova- the pot collapsed
Bobby - Oct 24, 2021
pholourie 13
It is a popular street food in Trinidad and Tobago, and in Guyana, served with tamarind or mango chutney.
Bobby - Oct 24, 2021
beh beh 5
rejrjw - Oct 24, 2021
mumu 15
Yes, our language patwa\creole is made up of french and west african languages
Ania - Oct 23, 2021
siliment leaf
siliment leaf 5
Its really West Indian Bayleaf....much more fragrant than the Mediterranean ones
GodIsATrini - Oct 22, 2021
blumpkin 2
Never heard it I’m guynese
Irv - Oct 22, 2021
raas 7
The chilean people have their own version of the word Raas but in spanish hahaha
Horacio - Oct 21, 2021
laglee 14
What does it look like
Boypp - Oct 21, 2021
touch 2
slightly insane; crazy. "you have to be a little touched to do my job"
Formal - Oct 20, 2021
lob 1
I am from Honduras, since you do not have my country in your options I choosed Cayman Island, my fsther migrated from there to the...
Vernon Powell Wood - Oct 18, 2021
pokey 6
pokey - poke he
. - Oct 18, 2021
coolie 179
I have been called coolie as a kid growing up in Trinidad, I have called others nigger and doogla. As people of all minority groups...
Ctrinigo - Oct 16, 2021
eye pass 8
Nix is correct
Lisa - Oct 15, 2021
zaboca 31
Zaboca eat good wid all kinda ting boil egg it go good wid . Love Zaboca
Maur - Oct 14, 2021
jumbee soursop
jumbee soursop 4
lots of berrys
Dr Michael bc Isaac - Oct 12, 2021