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barber green 2
The term is taken from the Barber-Greene Company which was the first to produce the sort of asphalt road paving machines that we are...
Nigel Durrant - 19 hours ago
chinky 2
I used the word Chinky on Twitter meaning Tiny to express a greeting on TOT about a Dog’s Tiny Tongue and now I’m in Trouble with...
Joycelyn Persad - Jun 05, 2023
dougla 17
Gunman in she hole she like that sorry Indian man in she hole she like that 😂
Trinibad - Jun 05, 2023
fenke fenke 3
I love this!
Dane - Jun 02, 2023
gyalis 16
I need a girl but dont kno how to start a good convo
Taniel - May 31, 2023
sugar apple
sugar apple 28
In French WI we call it "Pomme Cannelle". Very Sweet and Juicy
CoeurC - May 31, 2023
dundus 4
Dundus means "Red Head".
Hill - May 30, 2023
bloodclaat 57
bumbaclattt - May 27, 2023
poptart 4
Go remove yuh madda Trini bwoy
Chap - May 25, 2023
boasin 2
It means “Long Seedbag”
Apache - May 22, 2023
noni 14
We call it duppy (ghost) chocho
Grace - May 21, 2023
spindalis 3
Beautiful bird.
Spindalis nigricephala - May 18, 2023
doo doo 2
devonta - May 18, 2023
east indian
east indian 3
I really love this fruit
Sharon - May 18, 2023
dungs 28
In st.Maarten we call them “pomme surette” long time since I had some. Definitely a major part of my childhood. My aunt use to...
G - May 17, 2023
wheel an come again 2
Implying that someone should go create a better narrative and return with it , as the one previously provided was of no use/did not...
Lyla - May 17, 2023
picknie 5
I use the reference as an endearment
Yvonne - May 16, 2023
nanny titty
nanny titty 22
These bring back memories, hanging out under the house say nanny goat nanny goat come for your rice and peas lol
Denise - May 15, 2023
skanty 3
Skanty means bike?
Klg - May 15, 2023
poomp 8
Born in England but father dad said this often and now I say it also
Sho - May 15, 2023
ball pate
ball pate 14
Why can't white foreigners leave our crown pigeons alone and go hunt in their own countries?? Why do they want to destroy our...
Tom Smith - May 14, 2023
sukunya 17
Omg my fren grandmother is that
Michaela❤️ - May 14, 2023
cat 1
Is nuh "cat" is cyat. ah wah rass this bai
princess - May 12, 2023
golden apple
golden apple 39
In vincy we call it Golyn/Golin as well we love cut off words
Tes - May 11, 2023
malaba 19
Leeward side of vincy its call malaba i found out it name plumrose when i went to live in town.So in vincy it got both names depends...
Tes - May 11, 2023
puh poy
puh poy 4
Puh poy or pop poy is how we call it in vincy
Tes - May 11, 2023
mammee apple
mammee apple 40
We called it Mamsiport and it makes the best jam.
Nicole Joyette - May 09, 2023
suck teet 8
In Antigua it's spelled "chupz"
Artneil Allen - May 09, 2023
bumboclaat 6
This is NOT a use of the word I'm familiar with, or ever actually heard. AFAIK, it means an old piece of cloth used like a menstrual...
Luke White Ram - May 09, 2023
kenepa 6
I live in Ohio but my mother and father are from Puerto Rico sometimes when they came back from visiting the family there they'd...
Sylvia - May 05, 2023