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ackee 103
hi trinbagonian your disgusting
superdashgmer562 - 23 hours ago
chocolate 8
because mi a christian and mi love mi savia
superdashgmer562 - Yesterday
chenet 41
Hi, in colombian caribbean is called mamón. BTW add colombia to the country list, we are also part of the caribbean :(
Julieta Romero Gueto - Nov 12, 2018
backra 4
Bakra means white people. She fader dem a Bakra.
Denise - Nov 10, 2018
dumms 1
. I have wonderful memories as a child growing up in Antigua, foraging in the pastures after school for Dumms. My preference was the...
Inge - Nov 09, 2018
jack spania
jack spania 19
Rub with deodorant. It will ease the Pain.
Dr. Joe - Nov 09, 2018
stinkin toe
stinkin toe 22
In Vincy we call it jumbie tolo
Jomo - Nov 08, 2018
john crow
john crow 9
ju - Nov 08, 2018
chellomello 8
These are called “Grosellas” in the Dominican Republic. So yummy!
Desireeé - Nov 08, 2018
chocho 6
What is it call in the caribbean island
Cho,cho - Nov 06, 2018
sensemillia 8
Hug - Nov 04, 2018
coolie 127
In Jamaica, both full and half black Indians get called the C word. I never cared to use the term growing up, even before I learned...
FaxNoPrinter - Nov 02, 2018
sweat rice
sweat rice 67
This na true.. Never hear bout this inna vincy
Swb - Oct 29, 2018
pommecythere 13
Fishy - Oct 27, 2018
golden plum
golden plum 2
I love golden apple green or ripe .Love it
golden apple - Oct 25, 2018
manicou 56
Manicou is safer to eat than grocery bought meat..
Philly - Oct 24, 2018
niggaritis 19
ma main mon gat mi feelin the niggaritis when his mom meid a stuff dinna fo his fam, now ma stomuk full mon
bomboclot - Oct 23, 2018
forty leg
forty leg 41
thats one thing i dont like about back home.....big stinkin multi-color sanapee lol
Elrick - Oct 22, 2018
jimbilin 36
Gooseberry we call it in SKN. i remember eating alot of these (raw and as jam) growing up, no adverse effects except sour lol. Is the...
Elrick - Oct 22, 2018
cerasee 15
I hate cerasee its taste so awful but ye it is useful in all ways
kaila - Oct 22, 2018
aloes 7
I'm from trinidad also but you koolkoolie sound to illiterate and dumb smh. No one would ever say that about this plant. What you...
Trinimassive - Oct 21, 2018
dungs 11
How to grow this plant? Does it grow from seed?
Lee - Oct 20, 2018
penny piece
penny piece 14
dan - Oct 18, 2018
devil bead
devil bead 5
jumbie bead or lady bug
tdh - Oct 17, 2018
box 3
box ain't no slap a box is a punch in the face
tdh - Oct 17, 2018
breed 2
breed mean you get pregnant but you either aint married or you young and in school
de7e6 - Oct 17, 2018
antiman 13
Backyard Champion - I thought that was also a word for gay man not the username of a person!
badtoilet - Oct 17, 2018
la diablesse 1
nice job
ruyou - Oct 12, 2018
doe doe 4
It is pronounced Dow Dow (long o sound)
Dylan AJR - Oct 11, 2018
bloodclaat 16
Nun a u unu nuh know weh unu a chat bout afta nth pan yah so anu patios fucking eeediiioott nah nuh bloodclaat sense
Simmy - Oct 10, 2018