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bloodclaat 73
Think b4 ya say stuff becaaa wat u a say is pure nonsense.bloodclaat is used in offense nth bout periods dats anotha definition...
Yo - Yesterday
su su 19
In Nigeria we call it "Osusu". Money is contributed daily and @ the end of the year or month, as the case may be, the collector takes...
Ubong Abel - Yesterday
wax apple
wax apple 7
i grew up eating this in Lagos, Nigeria-we had a tree behind our house. It was so, so refreshing! Haven't eaten it now for almost 40...
Olu - Yesterday
forty leg
forty leg 75
Worst *
Maine💋 - Yesterday
bugga man
bugga man 15
All you guys gay
Juan - Yesterday
june plum
june plum 22
We call it pommeciterre
Jackie - Apr 09, 2021
mountain chicken
mountain chicken 3
So ppl actually eating that shid
Dookie - Apr 06, 2021
dougla 14
Way de ass
Schuy - Apr 06, 2021
warahoon 6
My home was Sparia, Trinidad; my Mother was a Trini and my dad a Venezuelan 🇻🇪 My other told us about the Warahoons coming to...
🇹🇹 Pentica - Apr 04, 2021
gyalis 3
Kartel - Apr 04, 2021
cruffy 31
Loud ass rude people who like free ting and Ghetto
Shanice Esperanza - Apr 04, 2021
penny piece
penny piece 23
I was just looking up Trinidad fruits we ate when growing up in the old days. We called Penny Piece Penny Peas. We had a tree in our...
Robin - Apr 03, 2021
counter flour 11
One pound of counter flour is equivalent to how many cups of all purpose flour?
Patricia - Apr 02, 2021
grosella 6
Las grosellas en mi casa las comiamos del palo eran aqrias,aciamos dulce se tornaban ,Rojas, se le añadia Asucar y canela.
Maria felicies - Mar 31, 2021
lappe 16
It’s a lappe, family of the rodent family
Moruga - Mar 31, 2021
dungs 25
Locally in sxm it is called pomserrette. We even have a street named after it.
Daniel - Mar 31, 2021
muddascunt 18
Shut yo muddaskunt
T - Mar 30, 2021
hard food
hard food 14
Thats called provision. Ground provision
784 - Mar 30, 2021
wata daag
wata daag 1
Stop adding fake information
Lily Spencer - Mar 29, 2021
bileez 6
hi guys
lily - Mar 29, 2021
sweat rice
sweat rice 102
That’s a Haitian thing I heard......disgusting
Sannie - Mar 29, 2021
mumu 13
The word "emum" or "mumu" is a typical Ghanaian word. I am the one who gave the definition that it literally means a dumb or mute...
Michael Manso - Mar 28, 2021
bush bath 2
A friend of mine brought back a bush after I inquired about the . She left it at my shop when I was out,so I didnt know what kind of...
rick smiff - Mar 27, 2021
gooseberry 38
We called it raspberry... we will make raspberry jam, nice raspberry juice As a child we will eat and sing "Raspberry jam, the queen...
Champion - Mar 27, 2021
pomerac 75
So is there any place in the US that Pomerac can be bought? I noticed a couple places on line offer the plant but not actual fruit
Sur - Mar 27, 2021
blim blim
blim blim 20
Indians in Jamaica curry it. Eat it with salt and pepper we call it karamanga. So delicious 😋
Irie - Mar 26, 2021
senseh fowl 3
Na true
Dat na true 😝 - Mar 26, 2021
tuntun 8
Means Big/Huge in America
American - Mar 25, 2021
vegetable egg
vegetable egg 2
mmmm - Mar 25, 2021
mispel 11
In Suriname word get door de Creoolse bevolking Sapatia of sapotille genoemd . Overige groepen in Suriname hebben die Creoolse...
Andy - Mar 24, 2021