The Caribbean Dictionary


To ask
Skinspots or rashes that develop after overexposure to the sun.


Boy - a young male
Shades - dark sunglasses
To impregnate.
To hang out. To pass time idly.
To strike
An insulting gesture where one person catches the eyes or gaze of another then turns her eyes and gaze away in an exaggerated motion
To swerve in and out of traffic on a motorcycle or bicycle
+ 7
A wine or dance involving simultaneous and coordinated movements of the hips, knees and head.


To have sexual intercourse
A street parade of African Origin that links music, dance, symbols and mime-style plays.
To eat, especially to eat voraciously.
To travel very fast
Young, unattached female tourists.
To daydream. To not pay attention.
A naturalised resident of Bermuda - one who has been granted status, as opposed to a native-born resident.
Party or celebration
A young unattached Bermudian female
A promiscuous woman.
suck rock
Small ocean dwelling mollusks that attach themselves firmly to rocks.
Small child
To make a hard, sharp turn.