The Caribbean Dictionary

fer de lance
Bothrops lanceolatus; A venomous pit viper species generally considered endemic to the island of Martinique
fruit a pain
Tree and fruit native to the Pacific Islands and Malaysia that was brought to the West Indies in the 18th century. The fruit is large...
Nosy. Inquisitive. Showing excessive curiosity about the affairs of others.
The berries of the Bay Rum tree
Ovoid green fruit that grows in bunches on trees up to 30m high. The fruit typically ripen during the summer. The fruit is related to...
A Christmas specialty liquor made from orange and tangerine peel, white rum, and cane syrup.
A rum based mixed drink that traditionally includes rhum agricole, lime, and cane syrup, and fruit flavouring.
A fast tempo style of rhythmic music originating from the French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.