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A maroon chieftain after whom the town of Accompong in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica is named.
alexander bustamante
Sir William Alexander Clarke Bustamante GBE, National Hero of Jamaica (24 February 1884 - 6 August 1977). A Jamaican politician,...
Grandfather, on father's side
Boy - a young male
One who participates in, orchestrates, or profits from illegal or crooked activity
batty bwoy
A homosexual male.
A very dark skinned individual.
Second person singular pronoun: him or her
One who does the perceived difficult or boring part of a game or sport (eg. swinging a jump rope), but never gets a turn at the fun...
People that think, talk and act very rural.
Brother - a male sibling
A non-rastafarian. A heathen.
barrel pickny
A child whose primary means of support are money and items shipped from parents working overseas.
Idiot or simpleton; A stupid person
A very dark skinned individual.
Grandfather, on father's side
A lead character in folk tales. He is depicted as a trickster and cultural hero. He is based largely on the spider gods of African...
A white plantation owner.
A Barbadian - a native of the island nation of Barbados.
An informal title used for greeting among male friends.
A promiscuous female.
Grandmother, on father's side
Queen Victoria.
One addicted to cocaine or crack.
A Barbadian - a native of the island nation of Barbados.
One who is nosy. One who minds the business of others.
Someone with nappy hair that does not grow.
Boy - a young male