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A trumpet like instrument made from an animal's horn. It was traditionally used as a Maroon communication and ceremonial tool. It was also used by slaveholders to summon slaves to the fields at work time.
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Britney Ellis Sep 16, 2015
It is also use to call the maroons or indicate that something is happening
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Jamarco Jul 26, 2017
The abeng is the most recognised symbol of the Maroons. It is a cow's horn with the tip cut off. The Maroons sent secret war time messages by the drum and the abeng. Blowing through a square cut into the concave side of the abeng produced a sound heard for miles, which could be decoded by those who knew how. Today it is used mainly for ceremonial and festive purposes.
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Tony Dec 12, 2018
Abeng is actually a Ghanaian word (akan)language
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Jenny Feb 09, 2019
Yes, my people in Suriname are also Maroons and they use it to. They also use it to make obeah.
Jenny Feb 09, 2019
So true Jemarco. You said it all. The same way ut was used by my ancestors too.
Pius Oct 09, 2021
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