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A fried batter made from a mix of flour, saltfish, onions, peppers and other spices
guest Jun 12, 2012
Lucians use it too
GUEST Jul 31, 2013
Jamaicans have this too... we call it stamp and go as well or saltfish flittas/frtittas
Guest Jun 13, 2015
Haitians have this too!
coolie Sep 16, 2015
Fish cake
Lucia 🇱🇨 Apr 02, 2016
Luciano call it fish cake
Lucian Apr 02, 2016
Lucians call it "fish cake."
Tony Dec 12, 2018
Lol Accra is the capital city of Ghana
Jenny Feb 09, 2019
In Suriname we call this patti.
Jeff May 04, 2019
I feel for Accra
Cin Jul 30, 2020
Saltfish cakes
Uzo Jan 13, 2021
This is a diaspora food from West Africa (in Nigeria it's pronounced Akara) and it's traditionally a fritter made by frying blended cooked black eye peas and onions and spices. I love how our shared heritage was maintained through food!
Neval Feb 04, 2021
Best that try by thing ever
Akra Feb 17, 2021
Called Akra in Haiti or Marinade its made many different ways.
Akra Dec 09, 2023
Love this