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ackee and saltfish
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A traditional food that is the national dish of Jamaica. It is typically prepared as a sautee of boiled ackee, saltfish, peppers, onions and other spices. It is usually accompanied by bread, breadfruit, boiled green bananas, or dumplings.
ackee and saltfishackee and saltfish
Luluh Jun 10, 2014
i'm so homesick right now. what's missing from this dish? aaah, boiled green bananas, a piece of hello yam and 2 boiled dumplin'... GOOD LORD!!!
Ingrid May 29, 2015
What buljow I think that how it's spelt made with roast breadfruit, fried saltfish,onions ,garlic a bit of scotch bonnet pepper ,oh lord I could eat some right now.
S cott Jul 03, 2017
Its been along time rice and peas will hit the spot