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Small rodents related to guinea pigs.
animal, food
A specie of rodent common in Central American and Lesser Antilles and introduced elsewhere in the Caribbean where not found.Plant eater and often is consider a pest to farmers. Though protected by law in some territories there is an open hunting season .
ocalnii Mar 09, 2014
Some research should be done into the populations and subspecies present in the different islands
khurtwilliams Apr 21, 2016
agouti: The Rattan Island agouti is on the endangered species list.
ravendarlin Nov 21, 2016
They eat those in Dominica 😕
Artyst Feb 07, 2018
That is highly sought after as exotic wild or bush meat in Trinidad.
Jenny Feb 09, 2019
They eat this in Suriname. Is considered wild meat.
Jj Mar 17, 2021
They are considered both pest and wild meat in Trinidad However you are only allowed to kill and eat them during the hunting season
Ras Jun 05, 2021
Agouti is not found in Barbados *as far as I'm aware.* In fact we have no 'wild meat' as some other islands do. A few people may have eaten monkey and there have been reports of 'wild' rabbits or hares, but I've never heard of agouti. There are mongooses but these are not eaten AFAIK.
Tj Jan 02, 2023
I’m not sure about this being on the islands but I’m for a fact that it’s in Guyana and Suriname and we call it this in Guyana too
Zip Apr 04, 2023
yes people we do have agouti in my area country side they come out an eat all ripe plantain or bannanas they can get you have to chase them away we have them in my area that is the Bexon area.