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Second person plural pronoun; You plural.
JohnHill Oct 05, 2009
All yuh can also be used sometimes to address a single person - as in "All yuh hush up y'mouth, nuh man!"
Khari06096 Nov 06, 2014
Honestly, this maybe a little extreme; please forgive me. As I got older, I begin to watch and do much study apon creolese or Guyanese creole. And my family usually take out the "y" or the "ll", this always indicated to me whether it was plural or singular. For example, "A'yuh caant c(g)aluhvont pon di matras" (you guy can not play [or fool around] on the bed ir mattress). And singular "alla"
Radio Kandi Jan 08, 2018
Guyanese do not say allyuh! We say A’yoh or yall. Allyuh is purely Trinbagonian.
David Ramcharan Feb 14, 2018
To Guyanese commentators: yes, the definition recognises the Guyanese 'ayou' under 'synonyms'. It is right there with the Jamaican unnu.
Jenny Feb 09, 2019
We say: yu
Tegreman Jun 04, 2020
Uses ayou as opposed to the more Trini Allyuh
EllieM Nov 13, 2020
In SXM we say ayou meaning all you. Search up SXM and see where it is!
JesicaJ Apr 12, 2021
Allyuh is a word your grandmother would use when she would randomly forget your name "ay allyuh come an wash yh hands"
Kamal farray May 14, 2021
Is allyuh a French derived word?