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The tree and fruit of Terminalia catappa. It is a large tree (up to 115ft in height), often grown for ornamental purposes and the shade provided by its broad leaves. Parts of the fruit are edible, including the inner seed which resembles almonds in shape and taste.
zaman, zanman
plant, food, fruit
bevon viechweg Aug 04, 2013
almond is also grown in Grenada
hey Jan 22, 2015
Almond seeds that "resembles" almonds. My favorite.
leah Feb 22, 2015
found in the Bahamas too
Stephanie Jan 27, 2016
I just wanted to know the nutritive value of the Harmon or Terminalia Catappa fruit.
GIng Mar 17, 2016
This is very popular in Dominica. And my childhood favorite!! We call it Zaman. Eat the seed on the inside as is or make something similar to coconut drops!! 😩😩😩 Delish!!
Ivy May 07, 2016
Yes I also remember these fruits as harmon it's great to hear someone else call it of the same name I love it
Tanya Jul 07, 2016
Great to hear this. I see so many going to waste. No longer b
Zanman Aug 12, 2016
We call it Zanman in Haiti its so good, we eat the outside and then use a rock to crack open the almond that's inside. It will also stain your clothes if your not careful in eating them. #childhoodmemories
jock tulloch Sep 25, 2016
With the environmental problems involved in growing almonds in California, I wonder if this is a market the Caribbean Islands can get into, selling almonds that don't need artificial irrigation to grow.
Mandeville Nov 21, 2016
@zanman that is the real thing in Jamaica, Manchester. Eat the outside and crack it open with I miss my childhool.
Harold Aug 14, 2017
We call it harmond nuts in S.V.G . Its fun cracking the hard nuts and the kernel is very tasty and very much resembles the almonds in appearance and taste. I still go to the beach gather them by the bags.
MLS78 Aug 29, 2017
I went on a cruise to Ocho Rios and found an "almond" by the beach. I brought it home as a souvenir, put it on top of dirt in a pot, and the damn thing opened and sprouted a leaf!
Jenny Feb 09, 2019
DA BABY Aug 21, 2019
Princess Nov 05, 2019
Almond is good I dont why people hate it
ANIEFON Mar 05, 2020
I love this fruit
Antonio Mar 17, 2020
The tree is used as a decorative plant, we call the Almond Bat food, it's usually eaten by the Bats. Never knew it was good to eat.
Tim Mar 22, 2020
Can you open it up and plant the seed in a pot to grow?
Kim Jun 29, 2020
I am from Georgetown, my neighbour we called her granny uses to pinck them up when they drop in the backyard , she would she'll them , took the nuts and make nut cake ( looks like Mr Tom ) and shared it to all the children around . It was something we look forward for once the trees got loaded.
Kim Jun 29, 2020
It is almon nuts
Britt Sep 11, 2020
Also grown in Barbados
Stella Oct 03, 2020
Also grows in Belize. It is in my backyard. We eat the outside and crack the seed to get the nut inside. Love it
Kharisma Dec 21, 2020
I always ate as a child. We used to burn the green almonds, then allowed them to dry out. Once they were dried we "barked" them open with rocks or hammers. We ate most of them or baked almond cakes. There is a tree where I live now.
Bob Jan 02, 2021
We know this as Almond in Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹. You could eat the Outside if it's ripe by turning yellow and the nut is in the seed if you bust it open.. The fruit part have a blan taste with some bitterness. Allot of it grows by the sea.
Eve Jan 16, 2021
Grows in Antigua too
Alma May 13, 2021
It grows in SVG. But I do not see the fruit ripen and eaten here. It grew a thick skin and ripened in Aruba when I grew up there. We ate fruit and pounded the dry seed to get the nut to eat.
Frey Aug 08, 2021
Always looked forward to stopping by a particular almond tree on the way home from school. We walked to and from school, so we had sufficient time to spot the ripe almonds in the very tall tree and then use a stone or some other small object to knock them off the tree. Enjoyed eating the outer part of the ripe almonds and also the inner almond of the dried seeds. Wonderful memories!!
Sharon Aug 26, 2021
I collect them, wash them and eat the juicy skin when it ripe. The sweetest part of the fruit is that fibrous layer beneath the soft skin. When I eat up to a dozen in a sitting. My sisters and I used to break the hard shell to get out the kernel, but I don't bother with that anymore, i just enjoy what's on the outside.
Bobby Oct 11, 2021
Botanically Terminalia catappa (ter-mih-NAIL-ee-uh kuh-TAP-uh) it is not related to the edible almond. ... Unlike true almonds though the outside of the fruit is also edible. Both the seeds and the fruit of this particular species are edible raw.
Fruity Aug 03, 2022
In St Lucia we call it almond or zanman. My childhood was just eating the flesh on the outside and then letting them dry in the sun and crack them open
CoeurC Nov 11, 2022
Exist also in Martinique. We call them "Amandes" or "Zanmann"
onthegreenside Mar 09, 2023
In the Turks and Caicos, we have it too, but we pronounce it as "emen" it took yearsss for me to realize it was almond, i don't like the imported ones but I can eat buckets of our local ones.