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A spider
ananci, baa anansi, zae
is these animals May 22, 2014
So tell me the truth felisha
howi Feb 01, 2015
This word comes from the akan word ananse (pronounced anansi)
Brudda Bob Feb 05, 2015
Not sure if anyone is familiar with Brer Anansi, actually a character from Ghanaian folklore. Very witty and smart. I grew up listening to Brer Anansi stories and idolized him, memory loss has taken it's toll, cant even remember one, don't ever hear anyone mentioning Brer Anasi anymore.
Little Ochie Feb 02, 2016
Anansi Stories? Stories told about the Anancy. This was extremely popular among Jamaicans of all ages. As a child, these stories were told at bedtime. The late "Miss Lou" was famous for telling these stories. "Anansi Stories" is now phrased by Jamaicans when referring to information given that is not true.
Penny Apr 22, 2016
what part of speech?
da boss Nov 16, 2018
mi nuh noa
Salou.cha.Lawkeey. Feb 17, 2022
So are these real an has anyone been bit by one.if so what does the bite look like.where exactly does the spider come from ...