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Otaheite apple; Pear shaped fruit with red skin and white flesh. Typically, they contain a single large seed. However, they may occasionally be seedless. The fruit is sweet and is usually eaten raw or used to make drinks.
food, plant, fruit
gtgrl Apr 12, 2011
This looks like what we call cashew in Guyana..
Luluh Jun 10, 2014
OMG!!! One of the best fruit you'll ever taste!! Yummy!! If you haven't had a Otaheite Apple (Jamaican Apple) before, put it on your bucket list to eat one.
Peggy Woodley Jan 30, 2015
This fruit is called a Plumrose, in St. Vincent. Yes, it is very tasty
thyema Feb 04, 2015
u no want fi stop eat it when taste it
Brudda Bob Feb 05, 2015
Referred to as cashew in Guyana, there are several different kinds and are all delicious!
belizean pride Mar 22, 2015
We call it mali apple in belize... salt and marie sharps with this is amazing!!!!
Leela May 15, 2015
Called pomerac in Trinidad!! Smells so good too!!
Helen Aug 18, 2015
Love to make chow with it .......yummy!
ROHAN Oct 25, 2015
French cashew in Grenada
Chin Jan 04, 2016
Very juicy and delicious can be use to make a drink too with plenty ginger it quenches thirst
Junie Jan 21, 2016
Just discovered a tree of this in my friends garden in Dominica - we juiced it very nice off to pick some more and going to add ginger to the mix:)
PINK Feb 12, 2016
AMEN Better than any fruit you ever had !!
Ewan Apr 07, 2016
I haven't tasted this fruit since 1964 when I lift Jamaica as a young boy. I have been back on numerous occasions but they are always out of season but this time I am going to make a special journey so that I can enjoy an Otaheite apple. Re-kindle our acquaintance, can't wait.
Gina Apr 23, 2016
I am doing a project with this apple - to create an original product... I'm using it to make a jam.
BOB May 19, 2016
Kevin May 19, 2016
Known as cashew in Grenada
Ainsley Jun 03, 2016
Apple in Antigua
Miriam Sep 06, 2016
I'm new to T&T and I just bought some of this. I was hoping they're sweeter. Is this Pomerac or cashew? I thought they're 2 different fruit with the cashew being more yellow?
Lingaling Jun 03, 2017
Pomerac is the fruit and the seed outside the pomerac resembles a cashew ..
I -fe Jun 29, 2017
No this fruit is diffeerent to the fruit if the cashew tree.
Billy Tee Aug 01, 2017
I have a tree on my land.... It's called "pumarosa" "pumerose".... Delicious & Juicy
Jam Aug 31, 2018
Err these are Red Cashews
David Dec 30, 2018
No Jam you thinking of another fruit. This in Antigua is apple
Simon Jan 21, 2019
Custard Apple in Antigua. Cashew is different.
Jen Feb 05, 2019
Simon I think the Custard Apple has a bumpy skin. We have them in Jamaica too.
Brenda Henderson Mar 11, 2019
Can you get the big seed/pit to an avacoda pit?
LOR Aug 31, 2021
Jackson Nov 29, 2021
Crematho Jan 19, 2022
Love it, def my favorite fruit! We call it cajuil in Dominican Republic.
Dino Nazamodeen Jan 23, 2022
In Guyana we call it Cashew and there are many verities.
Fruity Aug 03, 2022
In St Lucia we call it pommdamou ( pomme d'amour) or love apple