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Ziziphus Mauritania; A small round berry about 3/4 inches in diameter. The fruit is green and turns yellow as it ripens. Ripe fruit may occasionally develop a rust brown colour and a cracked texture. The unripe fruit is firm and slightly acidic, and grows softer and mushier when it ripens. The berries have a single hard seed.
food, plant
KJJ Aug 27, 2008
In the Bahamas they are called Ju-ju
Deborah Jun 17, 2013
TY KJJ..thats awesome!!
Dj Feb 01, 2016
Aka dumms
David Dec 30, 2018
Dumms. I raided my God Mothers tree at least once a weak when in season
Irma Sep 28, 2019
We call this pomserette in St. Maarten
Belinda Dec 30, 2019
In the VI we call them jo jo ❤
David N Christian May 19, 2020
Makeda Oct 10, 2020
We know it as downs
Eve Jan 16, 2021
Love them. Now am older I wonder what was it I found to love in snatty (the overripe brown ones). They taste more gross with the passage of time
Betty Apr 04, 2022
We call them Dew Plums