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An extremely potent overproof rum with a fearsome reputation. It is sold under-the-counter (illegally) and usually available during sugar harvest time.
smsocaqueen Oct 07, 2009
My word for the day hasnt changed for months now. why?
admin Oct 09, 2009
We didn't notice that it was broken. We'll fix it. Thanks.
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admin Nov 03, 2009
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j Apr 29, 2014
How can I find that in NY?
Vybz Oct 08, 2014
you cant
Rumhead Jul 26, 2015
Many years ago while a practicing alcoholic, I was visit St Croix and a local friend told me about the Babash. I was in a bar I will not name and when they poured the shot, it came from a concealed bottle hidden beneath a mock other bottle- right on the back shelf. When I got the shot, it smelled of pure cane and molasses. Locals always watch the Americans drink it since most can't. Loved it.
Rumcasper Jan 19, 2016
Rum all day
Mark Jul 28, 2017
i will name my rum this.
Kisha Jun 30, 2018
A shot of babash.....Floor!!🤪