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Ghost or spirit of a dead person or animal
Auntie Cumsee Jan 27, 2015
I am unaware of the language or dialect from which the word BAKU was taken and became inclusive in creol which permeates the lives and tongues of Guyanese. I am, however, surprised to see that "BAKU" which was referred to as "mythology" in your article, is an accepted "Western Norm" referred to as a "POLTERGEIST" which is a term of German origin for the same entity.
Belna May 19, 2015
But in Guyana its not really referred to as a "spirit" or jumbee which is a ghost.
The countyside version is Supposedly they are little men that certain people keep and feed them bananas. they are mischievous and pelt and beat people in dark area and shrubs

From what I see they sound more like leprechauns, without the hat, the gold and the rainbow. they are bad
Kevin Jul 10, 2017
A spirit of small stature that pelts stones at houses and moves objects within a house. He is supposed to live on banana and milk. Stories abound of the existence of bacoos in Georgetown and other areas in Guyana. Could have come from Surinam and are said to be trapped in a corked bottle unless released. Active mainly at night, it is said that a satisfied bacoo will answer the wishes of its owner
Brian_S Sep 28, 2022
Bacoo is a poor man's leprechaun, it seems like.
Mr.Unibrow Jun 19, 2023
Bacoo in guyana is similar to Japanese Baku. Its like that but mixed with a leprechaun