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bag juice
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Commercially produced drinks or juice packaged in plastic bags.
cool down, ideal
bag juice
B.Girl Jun 11, 2013
Ideal! (Belize)
Exumalvr May 14, 2015
These bags wash up all over our beaches...It'd be great if they were phased out, or thrown away in places where they won't enter the ocean and become choking hazards for turtles.
environmentalist May 16, 2015
what we need is to use paper bags for the juice. something biodegradable.
Monkish19 Jun 14, 2018
Suck suck
Trini King Aug 06, 2018
Sucka bag
da boss Nov 16, 2018
mi love bag juice. i de always drink dat an kool aid!
Tiffo Jan 05, 2020
Not bag juice. We call that: Cool Down
Gt gal Feb 01, 2020
What bag juice it's called "Cool Down" 😒
Charise Mar 14, 2021
Cool Down