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A fried bread typically made from baking powder leavened dough.
A simple fried bread.
Starboy Dec 15, 2009
As far as I know only Jamaicans have it in a DUMPLING form. Its a quick bread. Dough Rolled out and fried in oil. Tends to puff out when cooked. In Guyana dumplings mainly go into soup.
hmmm Jul 21, 2011
starboy is right. trini is not dumpin...thats nasty lol. trini is a fried dough
anonymous Oct 23, 2011
aye don kno wah we trini call it
inamill Dec 17, 2013
st lucians call these bakes too. and im sure dominicans aswell
Nelle Feb 27, 2016
Bajans call it bakes as well
Rob May 28, 2016
St.Vincent call it bake or fry dumpling
Rob May 28, 2016
A very large one we call it Dough boy
Alistair Aug 01, 2016
Can someone put a recipes for Bajan Bakes as mine went down down in the grown wit mi granmotha.
ravendarlin Nov 21, 2016
We call is Bakes here in Dominica too
Bobzy Jun 08, 2017
Is coconut bake/pot bake the same as bulla cake??
poo Sep 13, 2017
Rodney Feb 13, 2019
RE: the definition. Not all bakes are fried. While fried bake or "fry bake" is common in Trinidad, the dough is also simply baked in an oven or on a tawa/griddle to make "bake". One can also add coconut to make "coconut bake". There is also pot bake...which as you can guess is when the dough is cooked in a pot.
Indi Mar 13, 2019
It’s a ticker version of puri
Gt gal Feb 01, 2020
De only ting we put DUMPLINGS inna is soup or metemgee✌. And we call bake "Float bake" also "Pot bake"