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Is a yellowish-green drupe 2.5-5 cm in diameter, containing a single, dark brown, nut-like seed 2.5-5 cm diameter, which is very tough to break. The inside is a dry white filling that has a vaguely sweet taste when eaten. Found on a species of palm native to tropical regions of the Americas, from southern
fruit, food
Avion Sep 22, 2013
Is that the same as gru-gru? I grew up calling it that in Tobago. Haven't seen that since primary school. Wow!
Joan Alvarez Jun 07, 2014
Gru-gru-bef, yeah I have not seen that since primary school too. Maybe it's extinct?
June Jul 05, 2014
Gru Gru Bef palms have some long, sturdy thorns or "pickers" that could do some serious damage. Under the outer shell like covering is the sweet yellow sticky substance covering the seed. After scraping off this with your teeth, you would then crack open the seed then extract the "coconut" inside. Good eats.
Alana Sep 27, 2014
i see it yesterday nothing not sweet like it nah :,))))
SAM J. Nov 09, 2014
Also called the Pejibaye Palm, native to Central America.
William O Nov 18, 2014
I have not seen that in more that 30 years, would like to find some on my next trip to Trinidad
majalla america febrer Nov 25, 2014
food puh b tlaga yan
majalla america febrer Nov 25, 2014
may gagawin puh kxe kmi jan ehh !!
pra sa reaserch topic nmin !!! paste from banga !!
majalla america febrer Nov 25, 2014
may naka gawa !! na po ba nun !!
godwin Mar 30, 2015
used to live in point ligoure, best thing about school holidays was time spent in the bush looking for banga and gru gru; yes the gru gru had sturdy thorns but sometimes you have to suffer wounds from incoming traffic Last time I did this was 1968, now my eyes are beginning to water.
Irvin Dec 04, 2015
De best place tuh find dem Gru Gru was in de back road between Techier and Mahaica / Clifton Hill in Point Fortin!!!! Plenty Gru Gru Patch!!
Joan Alvarez Feb 09, 2016
Yes, I loved gru gru bef too/ I am now 66 living in rhe USA over 40 years and I remember me and friends roaming the country side in Carapichaima searching for the fruit ( or a ANY fruit).. I miss my country so much!
Sharp Feb 21, 2016
Yes Irvin, Techier and the back of Mahaica Point Fortin had a lot. The New Lands area towards Point Ligoure had lots growing....currently where LNG parking lot is today. Looking back, those were great days.
James May 09, 2016
Plenty gru-gru bef on San Juan hill. Several neighbors had at least one tree in their backyards. Delicious!
Vic Jul 25, 2016
To those of you who only come for a visit, go up (about midway) Lady Chancellor hill and you will find a few trees at the roadside. Hope they are in season when you get here. 🇹🇹
Dads Dec 12, 2016
Had my share of delicious Gru Gru Bef from a tree at the back of San Juan Government Secondary back in the 70s. Trini expression for hard times. "Hard like Banga".
Stephen Frampton Sep 11, 2017
We have it in Dominica too but its years since I have seen it and I would like to introduce my daughter to it. We call it glu glu (which I always thought as being a reference to its sticky flesh). A photo search brought me here. As Caribbean people let's realise how much and quickly we are losing our heritage and do our best to preserve and engender it in our future generations. Memories memories!
Leslie s Sep 16, 2017
Gru gru.gri gri.banga and cocorite
SJT Sep 25, 2017
gru gru bœuf
Dawne Jan 27, 2018
I enjoyed eating that at primary school. Tonka bean was another favourite. if I could go back in time to those great days.
PET Apr 26, 2018
Gru gru is not extinct, you can find trees on both islands. I recently got some in Sobo, La Brea. Trees can be seen in Rousillac and Aripero also. I'm early 40's, grew up in Guapo and there was the tallest tree next to our house. Youths today only know imported fruits. I also recently got a tankobean. I still must find gri gri and cocorite.
Peppa Jan 15, 2019
Could someone please add a definition for the local idiom: "banga season?"
Ibironke Apr 19, 2019
Please, what are the health benefits of grugru fruit?
Risi Brazier May 25, 2019
Well this was my Friday night search, lol, my cuz and I were trying to tell a friend from Dominica about thus fruit. In St Kitts we call it maca and we would buy it in season or hike up to a place named Bayfords to find them. Awww childhood memories and adventures.....I wouldn't trade them for the world.
Jun 06, 2019
Can anyone tell me what fruits are in season in early July??
JA Jun 06, 2019
Pardon my manners. Can anyone tell me what fruits are in season in early July please. Cheers.
Rose Aug 12, 2019
That fruit is called maccafat in Jamaica. There were a number of those palm trees in my old neighbourhood. Enjoyed the fruit in childhood years. The trees may have removed to accommodate housing developments
BRian Sep 04, 2019
Grugru Bef... Have not see it in sometime , used to pass trees by the dry river on my way to school in Tunapuna by the slaughtery. Lots a years.
Michelle foster Oct 30, 2019
Banga seed What can the seed be use for
brian Apr 10, 2020
how can i get banga seeds to plant here in Jamaica? I search the internet to buy some of those seeds but cant find any.
UWI Guy Jul 05, 2020
These are gru gru palm fruits also known as Coyoli palm. They can easily be found on the hills of St Mount Benedict, Mount Hope and Mount Lambert in Trinidad and Tobago. The yellowish pulp is fibrous, mucilaginous and slightly sweet. A high quality oil can be obtained from the seed kernel and can be used for cooking after refining.
UWI Guy Jul 05, 2020
The pulp has been found to be very rich in oleic acid, which is the predominant fatty acid found in olive oil. Oleic acid is heart friendly as it decreases blood levels of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). The pulp is also rich in minor minerals, especially iron and copper.
Reddo Jul 22, 2020
Banga season as far as I remember meant that a person was experiencing difficult times financially.
Denise Jan 02, 2021
My dad is Grenadian and said his ended sisters and mom used to run it in their hair and it made it thick and black. What health properties does it have? There’s not a lot online...
Rudy Feb 18, 2021
Best thing about gru gru was scraping the seed to make ring as children
rivaldo Apr 19, 2021
how hard iz banger
Pamela Apr 22, 2021
That was the best fruit I remembered as a child, it was a hard to get because of pricks in the tree.
Shirley Jul 15, 2021
Going up the hill after school for gru gru bed and Tonka bean I just returned to Trinidad after 42 years in the us and was thrilled to get a bag from my neighbor
Candy Aug 26, 2021
Yes we had a tree right up on laventil. So good haven't had one since I left Trinidad.
Cann Jan 14, 2022
The macca fruit...OMG just wish I can even see the tree...
Astra Wtight Jan 02, 2023
Where I reside in Tobago have many trees.
Kodjo 7 hours ago
The scientific name is acrocomia aculeata