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Totally confused
koolkoolie Feb 02, 2015
A unexpected right hand would send you bazodee and when when you catch yourself you would ask if "a truck bounch you"
terrick Oct 16, 2015
when you wake and have a confused and tired look on your face, someone would say "see how mista basodee"
Chico Jul 30, 2016
bazadee - temporary confusion - caused by a surprise - of any sort -
L Oct 07, 2016
It means confused, stupid. Example, That woman have you bazodee
Joshua Feb 19, 2017
Have you in a confused state. That way she bam bam rolling have me bazodee
ZZZZOUDI May 06, 2017
All of the above
ZZZZOUDI May 06, 2017
All of the above
Bobzy Jun 04, 2017
Bassodi/basodee/bazodee/bazzadi/bazoudi/basoudi means silly
Kevin Jul 11, 2017
ba-zo-dee comes from the French Creole, pas solide, meaning "unstable".
Kodi Jan 15, 2019
Bazodee comes from French, "abasourdi", which mean "confused", "stunned", "shocked"
Gt gal Feb 01, 2020
A hard box or slap 😂😂😂
Gtbannas Nov 11, 2020
Bazzodee comes from when a banna give you a hard box.