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Aramanth - an edible green leafy vegetable resembling spinach. It is typically prepared by steaming, often with saltfish
Akash Aug 15, 2013
That is not a photo of bhagi. It is not usually prepared with saltfish.
e Nov 11, 2014
Usually prepared with rice
nikhil Mar 23, 2016
SJT May 29, 2017
English equivalent dasheen bush
bubblelicious Jul 31, 2017
thats what we call spinach bhagi
Leemann Jun 05, 2018
Leemann Smith Jun 08, 2018
What IS Zebbapeek
Femi Feb 16, 2020
That pink flower thingy resembles cockscomb. Only two of these pictures identify Bhaji bush
Leslie Mar 16, 2020
The first 4 pics are different varieties of aramanth which is called Spinach Bhagi in T&T. The 5th pic is Dasheen bush, used in making Callaloo. It is also called Bhagi or Dasheen Bush Bhagi in T&T.
Pepper Jul 22, 2020
No.1 and 3 is bhagi
Ruth Jun 06, 2022
Pictures 1 & 3 is Choirai bhaji People cook it differently in different places Pictures 4 is poi bhaji Dasheen is picture 5 Spinach is altogether a different type Never seen pictures two as a type of bhaji.
Rakesh Jul 09, 2022
This is spinach
Angie Mar 03, 2023
Pictures 1&3 is what we call bhagi picture 5 is dasheen Bush which you can use to make bhagi also. Picture 4 I cannot identify what it is. It look like comfry Bush to me. I live in UK and grow different types of bhagi so the 2nd picture resemble the flower of one type. The best is still the green bhagi.