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An expression of shock, surprise, frustration, or annoyance.
profanity, pg
A body part intended to be the target of a vicious, brutal blow.
profanity, pg
John Jun 12, 2014
bloodclaat (blood cloth) refers to a woman's menstrual period and the device used to soak up that blood such as a tampon. Been used as a profanity since the 1950's and probable earlier. Bumbo is like batty, referring to anus.
🇰🇳 Feb 24, 2016
john doe Oct 21, 2016
it actually does not john
tyrese Dec 07, 2016
a da bloodclaat ya mean a tampon ya battyman
Andre Feb 21, 2017
You guys are fucking dumb
doodo Apr 09, 2017
Go nyam shit
baty Apr 09, 2017
Rudebwoy Jun 18, 2017
Why are Africans so blooodclot tief >:(
. Aug 19, 2017
John is right john doe know ya shit
Bobzy Sep 25, 2017
An expression of shock, surprise, frustration, or annoyance
avinash Jul 12, 2018
fuck Jamaica
Ashane Aug 06, 2018
What john said is total fukry.
Blindy Sep 04, 2018
Jolly good
Shaniqua Sep 05, 2018
Bloodclaat (bloodclart) refers to female menstral cycle cloth to soak up blood such as a tampon or pad
Reggie Yates Sep 18, 2018
Ya bloodclart when me gal is on her raggs. Ya get me can't believe man's have forgotten bumbo
Simmy Oct 10, 2018
Nun a u unu nuh know weh unu a chat bout afta nth pan yah so anu patios fucking eeediiioott nah nuh bloodclaat sense