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An expression of shock, surprise, frustration, or annoyance.
profanity, pg
A body part intended to be the target of a vicious, brutal blow.
profanity, pg
John Jun 12, 2014
bloodclaat (blood cloth) refers to a woman's menstrual period and the device used to soak up that blood such as a tampon. Been used as a profanity since the 1950's and probable earlier. Bumbo is like batty, referring to anus.
πŸ‡°πŸ‡³ Feb 24, 2016
john doe Oct 21, 2016
it actually does not john
Bobzy Sep 25, 2017
An expression of shock, surprise, frustration, or annoyance
Ashane Aug 06, 2018
What john said is total fukry.
Blindy Sep 04, 2018
Jolly good
Shaniqua Sep 05, 2018
Bloodclaat (bloodclart) refers to female menstral cycle cloth to soak up blood such as a tampon or pad
Reggie Yates Sep 18, 2018
Ya bloodclart when me gal is on her raggs. Ya get me can't believe man's have forgotten bumbo
Simmy Oct 10, 2018
Nun a u unu nuh know weh unu a chat bout afta nth pan yah so anu patios fucking eeediiioott nah nuh bloodclaat sense
ghost Dec 24, 2018
Funny people all a ya'll
jabari Jan 02, 2019
Y’all are so funny
Elizabeth Feb 26, 2019
I am Jamaican and Nigeria , and bloodclart means blood cloth or tampon or anything that soaks our mensuration
dj omar Nov 23, 2019
rreal rass fools
dj omar Nov 23, 2019
u need a jamaican thats what u need to guide jamaicans the best
unojajaja Nov 24, 2019
yaaaaaaa man tis make sense broatha man
christ Dec 09, 2019
DJ Big Penis Dec 18, 2019
Learn to speak English properly
Sue Feb 01, 2020
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MartuSKA May 13, 2020
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9' daddy Aug 09, 2020
07 baby Aug 24, 2020
No cap but Y'all are funny ffs
mckeny Sep 06, 2020
man them a mek jamaica look bad
Yaw Doffour Oct 20, 2020
Bloodclaat...u affi know sey is ah cloth wey use soak ya menstruation
Janny Doee Nov 16, 2020
Bai ayyπŸ’€Ayo ain't got no chill eno😭 we as Caribbean people no sopose to be a war wid eachoda so 🀣leh awe try talk respectfully bout one another from now cπŸ™‚
Da Goatbwoy 🐐 Nov 26, 2020
Ahh yi rehdi fe som Bloodclart jungle Techno? Big op ta ahhl yahll. Mi lov dis pussyhwol bumbaclot roff-opp word. Peace owt mi brahdas n sistahs. Luv nah war
Santiva Nov 28, 2020
Have some respect people
Jermaine Nov 28, 2020
Someone saying fuck Africa The motherland That's where we all came from Carribean, Jamaican Whoever you are
Saleem Nov 30, 2020
Hadgo Jamaica
laquishaa Jan 18, 2021
guys im in school and my teacher just said ak and salt fish its meant to be akee and salt fish
Stepta Feb 11, 2021
Well some of them comments are showing that some of of your out there are not showing Jamaica or Jamaicans in a good light, as I am Jamaican blooded and we all came from Africa so stop hating and get educated before you chat weh yuh nuknow nutten about. Jon crow people
reggae Feb 12, 2021
yo fam jamaica me home man na shut you fockin gobs non jamaicans who are just jealious about ja's talent
reggae Feb 12, 2021
people who are jealious are bumbaclats
reggae Feb 12, 2021
who me
gostly Feb 12, 2021
yes u
reggae Feb 12, 2021
jealious of ja??????
gostly Feb 12, 2021
reggae Feb 12, 2021
haha man got don by him own trap
BAD MAN Feb 16, 2021
Caribbean Boy Mar 15, 2021
Nous ne savons pas que caillot de sang signifie cette merde. Canard sur toi
Shea shea Mar 15, 2021
Gyallyyyyy & baiiiieeee
bb Mar 17, 2021
Yo Apr 10, 2021
Think b4 ya say stuff becaaa wat u a say is pure nonsense.bloodclaat is used in offense nth bout periods dats anotha definition pusssyyyyclarttttt bloodclaat bumbaclaat everytingggg claaaaaatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
dj rassss Apr 16, 2021
bombbaclat jamacia is the best fuck all afaican WE ARE JAMAICAN
Queen Elizabeth Jun 05, 2021
You all need to learn some proper English, I am ashamed to be your queen
Pastafarian Jun 25, 2021
So if someone is Jamaican and Nigerian that would be an email scammer who is too stoned to send the email
Bobby Sep 19, 2021
#BOAL @You all need to learn some proper English, I am ashamed to be your queen
Bobby Sep 20, 2021
I bloodclot understand-i freaking understand
St Lucia Dec 05, 2021
Do you guys still remember me, you know the island that speaks creole, the island that looks like Hawaii
D.E.L Dec 14, 2021
T.Prince Jan 10, 2022
Wah ghaan,orgenal vilack afrikans,i like it z patois
disbitchthough Feb 20, 2022
google translate is wrong. shottas or mo gilligan. figure it out you fuckin bumboclaaaat.
Petoz Mar 11, 2022
Am from Kenya πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ Africa, and you people some are saying Fuck Africa and the way we support dancehall and reggae music from Jamaica , but anyway thanks We never knew that you talk bad to us like that
yaadie Mar 11, 2022
Ignore the trolls petoz. Jamaicans don't hate Africa.
Daniel Mar 31, 2022
So funny....pure jokes
Cheese May 11, 2022
Lol. Very funny indeed
Steve Jun 21, 2022
Man, wot a confusion.