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Tree and fruit native to the Pacific Islands and Malaysia that was brought to the West Indies in the 18th century. The fruit is large with a rough green skin with small hexagonal markings. Some varieties have a spiky exterior. The flesh is white, cream coloured or yellow and has a high starch content. It is eaten boiled, roasted, or fried as a staple food.
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yellka Apr 27, 2010
Also used to describe a stupid person.Or a persons  physique Cu pan she, she big and fool like beadfruit
cleb Jan 25, 2013
"breadfruit" used in Cayman Islands.
Michelle Mar 21, 2014
You forgot Barbados!!! It's our main "ground provision". Roast breadfruit... is a tradition. I'm sitting in my living room looking out at two breadfriut trees right now. :)
laurie Oct 04, 2014
Can some one give me a good recipe for breadfruit.not to spicy. send to thanks
gia Oct 18, 2014
Mi luv breadfuit ripe and fry
verbert Mar 26, 2015
when I lived in Micronesia they ponded the breadfruit into a paste they called it KON and then they ate it with their hands and sometimes put tobasco on it
Mikey Nov 13, 2015
Captain Bligh
patsy Dec 07, 2015
its call breadfruit and we eat it with ackee and saltfish any where we go
Deiah Mar 16, 2016
how come in America we don't have breadfruit .. it look good I want to try it when I go to Guyana this year in winter .
Renisha Apr 05, 2016
Grenadians say "breadfruit" too
Ewan Apr 07, 2016
Fantastic fruit!! When roasting this fruit is better when it has just started to ripe. Ackee and salt fish. lots of coconut oil to dip yu bred!!! if yu know wah me mean
Intox Jul 25, 2016
In grenada we use breadfruit in our national dish OIL DOWN. saying that make me hungry for some now
Lorna Aug 01, 2016
My Parents are Haitian We eat breadfruit with fish or meat in red gravy. Some times we mash it up like mash potato, its then called Fufu add some meat of your choice,,,,..... DELICIOUS... I like it the way the Jamaicans and Nigerians make it as well..
Melissa Aug 12, 2016
In Haiti we call this "Lam" or "Lam Veritable" we eat it many ways, we fry it like a fried plantain, mash it up like mashed potatoes we call it "Tomtom or Fufu" when mashed. My personal favorite of eating is making it into a shake. You boil the fruit with some cinnamon sticks, when soft put in a blender, add a banana, vanilla extract, carnation milk, sugar, ice and blend until thick and juicy!
Anna Apr 08, 2017
Wait which country knows their national dish ??
Carie Apr 12, 2018
Breadfruit eaten roasted, roasted then fried or cooked when ripened.
VincyPrincess May 20, 2018
Our national dish is breadfruit and jackfish πŸ˜‹
Steadman May 23, 2018
*Roasted Breadfruit and Fried Jack fish.
Torenzo hall Nov 18, 2018
Mi love beadfruit mi will eat it any time
da boss Mar 16, 2019
me an tree ada sibling use to steal our neigbah breadfruit! so delicious!
Leo Mar 20, 2019
I had breadfruit yday!😍
Maya Feb 01, 2020
We say "Breadfruit" most Guyanese would make boil and fry with it πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹, we would fry it, make bread/bake with it or put it in our metemgee.
Vicky Feb 08, 2021
So good with coconut cream and pork. We lots of this in the Philippines
Romecia Aug 24, 2021
I have never buy breadfuit by the pound until I came to Trinidad, but I love it with some stew smokeboes from Trinidad as well
Kandy Nov 30, 2021
Me like it anyway 🌴
Chato Apr 09, 2022
Right now I need some breadnuts to yamm
Chato Apr 09, 2022
Right now I need some breadnuts to yamm . Had breadfruit salad for the first time in Tobago I was very impressed.
José Jul 19, 2022
We call it "pana", which is also used to mean "buddy" or "best friend".