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Seeded breadfruit
Sandy Nov 27, 2012
Jackfruit, also found in Jamaica
pewee Nov 28, 2012
Jackfruit and breadnut/chatigne two different things. Jackfruit big and sweet and bear on the tree trunks. Breadnut more like a regular breadfruit except with seeds in the middle. All of them come from the same family: breadfruit, breadnut, jackfruit.
menarange Jul 22, 2013
cook this with coconut water and curry it is the best, go good with buss up shot
Brudda Bob Feb 05, 2015
This is referred to as Katahar and as menarange mentioned how to cook. This is a favorite of East Indians and used almost always used when there is "7 curry" for religious functions or weddings.
Akayla May 19, 2018
Well I now know what it was
sunnyman Jul 27, 2019
I know it as chatigne.spiky breadfruit.grow on large tree,similar to breadfruit.unripe fruit used to make curry mainly at Hindu weddings.called "frizzle fowl".Mature seeds boiled in salt water and eaten separately as meal.