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Men's underwear
buckta, shorts
NigelD Dec 14, 2011
The word "bukta", as used in Guyana, is applied only to male underwear and no distinction is apprently made betwwen various types of such underwear in that regard. The most common synonym is "shorts", again, a term applied only to male undergarments. The term "short pants" is used to refer to outer garments. Boxer shorts are referred to as "long foot shorts".The work "bukta" appears to derive from the brand name of a UK clothing firm founded by Edward Buck and Sons in 1879. See . The company is known for its athletic wear. Most Guyanese are unaware of the origin of the word.
anonymous Sep 13, 2012
  Good! At last I know ..!
gretaLC Sep 28, 2012
WOW, I used the word "bukta" in an article, assuming folks would know what it meant. Now I know they won't. I am from Guyana, too!
raj Aug 04, 2013
i had a feeling about the origin. told my wife about the origins......a hunch that confirmed it was fr. a british clothing store...thanks!
TFTEAZZLE Aug 28, 2015
Polly Nov 15, 2015
I knew it was from a clothes brand, another example is the brand Jerzee most Guyanese call most mens tops Jerzees no matter what brand name. LOL
Savannah man Jan 09, 2016
Most Guyanese are "unaware" of most things !!!
Vanie May 18, 2016
i had to check out this word to see where it derived from, and i had a haunch that only Guyanese used that word 'bukta'
Vincent Jun 15, 2016
I bukta was around in the early 1960 . Very rough elastic type fabric. It was syntactic material. Very harsh on the skin. Cane cutters generall would have a harder time with the undergarment. Eventually., it faded out.
HighHindiHeydar Aug 25, 2016
Its buckta not bukta
rraul Oct 29, 2016
deonarine May 09, 2017
is jockey shorts
Ropey May 11, 2017
amazing. similar to Clarks. Where any types of that look like it they call clarks. Clarks as a store/brand name is still popular in the UK. Clarks is still big as a name for shoes in Jamaica still I think.
C May 20, 2017
Deo May 13, 2018
Mi bukta got a hole
Jewel Nov 17, 2018
Bee ooklyn499 Dec 24, 2019
Ya man !!!!
Donald P May 05, 2020
The fact that Guyanese call all men's underwear Bukta and all sweater Jerzees is nothing to laugh about. :) That is a British thing. For example Brits call vacuuming Hoovering for the Hoover vac, regardless of the brand of their vacuum cleaner. A host of other things - same pattern.
Buju Jul 02, 2021
Me dadi beat me with he buckta