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Idiot or simpleton; A stupid person
A backwards, uncouth, uncultured person.
Someone showing an annoying/comical curiosity upon seeing some gadget for the first time.
One who is out of fashion.
An idiot or stupid person, someone acting silly.
moo moo
back a bush man Apr 18, 2012
da butu deh a ignore me when mi a check fi har?
bobo Mar 20, 2014
butu panjang
mar Apr 01, 2014
in my country it translates into being "black, fool and ugly". No offense intended.
Fly Apr 23, 2014
when i girl has alot of men....we refer to her as butu. in other words a "bad gyal"
melvin Sep 09, 2014
Real butu... Recently heard about 'Google it'. Black, cruffy head weh need weave. Basically most black gyal/buay living in Belize...
Des Apr 09, 2015
most black people in Belize are not Butu.. so get your stats straight
AKKS Apr 25, 2015
fuss time I yerr "butu" mean black. "Butu" means stupid.
shameka Jun 01, 2015
I use weave snd im not a butu . Butu mean u hit ( like too much man or give weh sex easly) or a person who no tek care if dey self and always deh ina hairy suh
shameka Jun 06, 2015
Madisyn Jun 17, 2015
i agree with shameka thats what butu mean
shameka Jul 24, 2015
I use weave but I am not a butu .butu means u are hot (u like to much man or woman or when u give away sex easily .and it also means u dont take care of ur self even a male can be a butu and butu also means u are always in heary so (rumors) btw im a,13 year old attending st.gnatius and I know what this word means.
shyniqua Jul 24, 2015
Thats the true meaning of butu shameka and I definitely agree with u
shyniqua Jul 24, 2015
And u sounds like a smart young lady
shameka Jul 25, 2015
mrs chaneb Sep 08, 2015
Yup 😊 shameka that's the true meaning
MrJinks Feb 02, 2016
Well i pronounce it putu
Butu Smart Mar 12, 2016
Hii girls my name is butu, what do you say on my name, plz respect.....okhy...
smart ass Mar 20, 2016
Lol realy
Bobzy Jan 29, 2017
bhuttu n. An uncouth, out of fashion, uncultured person.
JohnNason Aug 12, 2017
Thought it meant dirty
da boss Nov 18, 2018
i'm black and i am not a butu
Devon Apr 27, 2020
da boss you sound like a ooooooooooo good man
jr May 23, 2021
"butu" means dunce, uneducated or a foolish person. Someone whom is tricked or used very easily.
dessyyyyyyy May 24, 2021
madarassss! lmaoooo somebody say butu da "black" i doneeeee
Anastacia Sep 22, 2021
Don't be nasty and racist.. butu means 'ghetto' or 'ill-mannered'.
Xay May 10, 2022
Butu means low. Jamaicans say butu if you squat. Also if you say someone butu it means they are low or a lowlife.