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A variety of bitter melon plant (Momordica charantia). A vine bearing a small bumpy skinned yellow or orange fruit. The leaves are used to make a bitter herbal tea that his regarded for its medicinal and purgative properties
The bitter tasting tea made from the leaves and vines of a variety of bitter melon plant (Momordica charantia). It is regarded for it's purported medicinal value - especially as a purgative.
LoveTheVoiceWithin Feb 24, 2011
yup cerasee alright :P people would wanna drink this after Christmas to clean out their systems lol it's more than just bitter, more like unappeasing to the tongue lol
SlightPeppa Feb 05, 2013
Also known as Caraille in Trinidad & Tobago ... An unappeasing doh evn begin to properly describe! LOL
Cathy Aug 07, 2014
I never knew that...... Thanks for sharing :)
Carol Aug 22, 2015
The worst tasting tea I have ever had. My grandmother would give us this or senna to clean out our system. I always wanted senna because cerasee is horrible. She would try to hide it as regular tea but nothing could disguise that awful taste. It made me vomit when I tired to swallow it.
marleen Aug 22, 2015
Cerasee, senna, bitters, and sinkle bible are some of the most insidious bits of wickedness inflicted on children by parents and grandparents. For no goddamn useful purpose.
STORM2 Oct 12, 2015
Corilla is a necessary evil in life, it can allegedly cure many things. Somehow the women in my family know how to cook it down to get out most of the bitterness out and it's actually pleasant. I've never has the tea but I've had senna and reading someone wishing for senna instead is a damn powerful warning.
aline Oct 31, 2015
This extremely bitter vine is used to treat fevers in Haiti. Sometimes they put it in clairin (moonshine) to have a more powerful. They drink it to prevent fevers also.
patsy Dec 07, 2015
I agree with marleen is bitter and all i fine is it runs my belly no other property in it
Aisha Mar 03, 2016
Yuck. I remember😛
sherlene May 28, 2016
I love this plant. It works for me.
Bobzy Sep 29, 2016
Curasee/cerasee tea with honey tastes like tea with a little bit of (cannot really describe the taste) but it tastes good.
Sparks Dec 24, 2016
Some people also call it coolie paw paw in Grenada
Flash Oct 04, 2018
I call it CEAR RAH SEE
Caroyla Oct 14, 2018
It is called Carroyla in Grenada
kaila Oct 22, 2018
I hate cerasee its taste so awful but ye it is useful in all ways
da boss Nov 18, 2018
i hate cerasee so much. as soon as i drank it i spit it out.
Moni Nov 26, 2018
It is really good for the body, but the taste is unexplainable.
Ingrid Jan 15, 2019
My GrandMother used to give me every month after my periods it was very very bitter but I tell u. It works for a lot of ailments 👌🏽
elon Sep 30, 2019
that is some use full information
Doro Mar 10, 2020
I saw people in Tobago use the freshly picked vine as scrubbing pad when taking their (sea)bath. I tried it and cannot recall any specific after effect. Pleasant natural wash cloth ;)
Goddess Sep 04, 2020
Royalty Jan 28, 2021
I ain't drinking this for nothing but I must say from experience it does have medicinal benefits. It was recommend to me when my son had rashes on his skin as a baby. I was told to wash the bush in water and bathe him with the water which I did and it worked and continues to.
St Lucia Aug 27, 2021
It is bitter, but it helps to purify the blood. It’s called Co Com Coolie.
MH Jan 06, 2022
We call it Maiden Apple
Victory Jul 13, 2022
I’m eager to try but, don’t know where to purchase in the U.S.
Val Jan 28, 2023
Better with lemon and a little salt
LM Jul 12, 2023
1 metre of cerasee vine, stewed in boiling water is undrinkable "medicine" BUT 2 or 3 young leaves steeped in a cup of hot water gives a pleasant, refreshing drink - ideal for hot weather