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The fruit of the Flacourtia indica which is a species of flowering plant native to much of Africa and tropical and temperate parts of Asia. The fruit itself is a pome about an inch thick and red ripening purple. It is very fleshy and has 6 to 10 seeds in layered carpels. The pulp is yellow or white and sweet with an acidic tang. It is eaten raw or made in to jelly or jam. It can be fermented to make wine.
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marcia Sep 15, 2013
I know this fruit as governor plum
Chris Jan 26, 2014
The is called psidium in Guyana (no relation to guavas).
Elton Aug 10, 2014
i love this fruit soo bad, but where i'm at i cant get any..... ran into some at a hotel in Puerto Rico earlier this year but there were some " don't pick the fruits" signs... ;-).... i waited till it was dark and raided the trees .... hahaha...after all i paid for a stay at the hotel and all its amenities.... enjoyed them and even saved the seeds.
Patrick Aug 12, 2014
That's the wrong picture. As Marcia says that is probably a governor plum. As a matter of fact you'll see the same picture under the entry for governor plum.
Lucina Prime Aug 19, 2014
I grew up with a tree in my yard. We called it rolling cherry because that's what we did - roll it between our palms to soften it up, then make a small hole at the bottom to suck the 'body' of the fruit out, leaving the seeds behind. This cherry also leaves a temporary brown film on the teeth.
Leah Aug 24, 2014
Was just wondering if the cerise (as i know it) is called camu camu berry anywhere else in the caribbean, or is that a totally different thing?
sharon Sep 09, 2014
I know this as roll cherry.
Jeff Sep 15, 2014
Dthose grow by the seed?
Robydas Jun 03, 2015
Hi guys I have to tell you thank very much for this comments I was looking for the scientific name of this delicious and thanks to you I finally get it.
Zakiya Jun 18, 2015
Hi, Robydas, I too am also looking for the scientific name of this fruit. Can you please post it? All i am finding is the scientific name for what we call 'governor plum'.
Eva Aug 05, 2015
We called this Dounce in St.V. Great when they are sweet, blah when they are not!
Samuel May 03, 2016
This fruit in the pic is known as "series" in Trinidad you pick them when they are fully dark red and they have small seeds plural, the inside is just a bit lighter than the skin, Governor Plum is however is yellow inside, has one seed and you can pick them half red or red to eat or make chow.
Dale May 20, 2016
Eva, we also have Donks in Sweet T&T, but that is a totally different fruit to "Cerise" (Dounce as you call it has one seed)
Dale May 20, 2016
yes the pic is of a bunch of Donks
Colin Jul 02, 2016
This fruit is psydium... By all accounts, it's very nutritious being high in vitamin C and rich in anti-oxidants...
jed Sep 19, 2016
That's. Rolling cherry You Bütt heads
MargoJean Jun 07, 2017
Jed why you face so serious
Christopher Jun 13, 2017
I'm confused @Jed how was your comment necessary
Rudeheart Aug 06, 2017
I think i had this.
MehbieSingh Aug 20, 2017
Wolfymik Sep 27, 2017
This is rolling cherry and not governor plum!
Rex Oct 11, 2017
I know this fruit as cerise or rolling cherry. Growing up in South Trinidad we had over 20 trees. I spent most of my time on those trees eating cherries. The one in the picture is the larger one. Not as sweet as the smaller version. Bird's are attracted to this fruit.
Anandi Premlall Jan 25, 2018
Definitely psydium in Guyana. The delicious fruit of the Flacourtia indica tree.
Annette Feb 26, 2018
Cerise! This fruit is called Cerise ! But only people who grew up eating all the variety of fruits that the Caribbean has to offer will know about Cerise!
D ramdin Jun 10, 2018
In the south of the north....governor plum the small yellow very very sour ones ...series
Pep Sep 24, 2018
Thats my favorite fruit growing up in Trini. we call it cerise. I use to sell them in school😀