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Chayote. Edible pear shaped green vegetable of the squash family. The vegetable bears on vines and comes in smooth skinned and prickly skinned varieties. It is typically eaten boiled or in soups.
christophene, militon
food, plant, fruit
Josie M Jun 28, 2013
This is also called chrystophene, hopefully I am correct in my spelling. Names of fruits do vary between the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Makes a nice stir fry
Ewan Apr 07, 2016
Chocho!! Thinly peeled and sliced, a must for Saturday soups, beautiful in the traditional curries, even the (seed) stone in the middle is edible. Larger pieces when cooked with yams, cornmeal dumpling, green bananas, sweet potato, Irish potato breadfruit and calaloo.
Lennox Jun 11, 2016
In St. Maarten they call this Christophene. I don't quite know how to spell it.
Melissa Aug 12, 2016
We call this "Militon" in Haiti. We use it to make Legume. Its also used in our culture to increase a mother's milk supply when breastfeeding.
Chocho Sep 18, 2017
A must in chicken foot or chicken soup
Cho,cho Nov 06, 2018
What is it call in the caribbean island
Kenmore bell Nov 26, 2018
A lie some of the people them a tell some of the people who a tell lie
da boss Nov 27, 2018
i have not actually had one of these
DaddyKane May 06, 2019
Men should not consume the seed, it make men impotent.
Diana Nov 18, 2019
I don’t understand
Chey Nov 20, 2019
We call it Cho cho, my mother used to called it christopin.
Shilpa Jul 25, 2020
We call it Lonku in local language
Vashti Jan 27, 2021
Christophene we call it.