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The process of sauteeing
Akash Aug 15, 2013
That is bhunjay. Chunkay is to add water to the sautéed mixture.
Nigel Jun 04, 2020
Chunkay is to add heated oil, usually infused with garlic and/or other spies, a dish (e.g. dhal or meat ) as opposed to cooking the dish in the oil. If you chunkay with garlic, the garlic must turn golden to deep brown before adding it to the dish. Chunkay'ing imparts a rich and delicious smoky flavor to the food if done correctly.
Steve Jul 25, 2022
Chunky is the process of extracting the flavors of the various spices eg garlic, onion, cumin seed, etc by heating them in cooking oil and then adding it to the food that's being prepared eg dhal, choka, etc to enhance it's taste. I suppose once you heat oil in the pot and then add what's to be cooked the term chunkay will also apply. In english saute is used and in hindi it's boonjay.
Steve Jul 25, 2022
That explanation from Akash is very interesting and enlightening for I heard that from my Mom.