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To become disgusted or off-put by an overabundance of sweetness, richness, or pleasure.
Jovial Jun 09, 2016
I don't understand?
yanira Sep 09, 2016
Yes i agree,here in Belize we use the word in that same context 👆👆
Bobzy Jan 21, 2017
Sour tangerine with sugar is the very definition of clide
Kris Lemonius Jul 27, 2017
When eating something that tastes great at first but then too much of it and it starts to become distasteful
Bobzy Sep 05, 2017
the sour skittles good but it cliding.
Bobzy Sep 05, 2017
sour Skittles taste good but it very cliding.
shanice Feb 06, 2018
Pineapples on pizza is very cliding.
Jenieki Nov 20, 2018
I always use this here in Canada and people look at me weird. lol
da boss Nov 22, 2018
you live in canada
Kyle Jan 13, 2019
Is there an English version of this word by chance?? So ppl know what I mean
Smh Jan 14, 2019
Aneisha Mar 12, 2019
Somehow cloying sounds like the same word
Althea May 29, 2019
Yes, like Aneisha said, "cloy" would be the English equivalent.
Rhecia Sep 03, 2020
Princess Nov 18, 2020
Cloying is the English version
Malaika Feb 24, 2021
Kimmysan Jul 12, 2021
My family is from the Caribbean (English speaking) coast of Nicaragua. (I chose Caymans as a country because my paternal grandfather is Caymanian and there was no US/Nicaraguan option). Anyhoo, we use 'clide' as well, in the same context. You eat too much of something good that you don't want anymore, you become clide of it.
NORICA Aug 05, 2021