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con ki
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A dessert item similar to bread pudding that is made with flour, sugar, and some or all of the following in any combination: cassava, coco, sweet potato, cornmeal. It is cooked by wrapping the mixture in leaves or cloth and boiling.
con ki
Starboy Dec 15, 2009
NO it is not similar to bread pudding. Bread pudding is made with bead.  this mainly made with cornmeal
Jacqueline Aug 03, 2013
It is nothing like bread pudding!! In Barbados it is made with pumpkin, sweet potatoes, coconut - all grated -, coarse corn meal, nutmeg, cinnamon, spice, sugar, mixed essence/vanilla essence/ almond essence, sugar. These are all combined, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.
Beryl Sep 05, 2017
Definitely not made with bread. In Jamaica we call it Blue Draws, It made with cornmeal, coconut, sugar & spices & essence wrapped in banana leaves & steamed as well.