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A person of East Indian ancestry. Most Caribbean people of East Indian descent can trace their roots back to indentured workers imported by the British in the 19th century after the abolition of slavery.
Person of mixed African and East Indian ancestry
dougla, royal
Trini Jun 18, 2013
Coolie is not related to and indian person. Coolie is a porter who carries bags from train to cars to get paid.There is no realtion to being indian by calling one a coolie.Any person can be called a coolie, the definition is explained above. Thank you.
Older Trini Jun 19, 2013
Actually their defination is correct. Coolie is any mixed person that looks indian that has some African decent. It may not be familiar to you but they are correct.
Name Sep 11, 2013
Both are wrong; Coolie is a derogatory term used to describe unskilled laborers, the term is Asian in Origin. A Dougla describes a person who has mixed ancestry usually of African and Indian decent. I know in Jamaica it is wrongly used to describe someone of Indian or mixed Indian decent. And after the movie Coolie with AB in it does not mean the term refers to only porters but to all unskilled.
marcus Sep 12, 2013
It's almost as if words can mean different things in different places.
Nibbles Oct 28, 2013
Please. Let's stop being PC. No one in Trinidad uses coolie to refer other anyone else, other than those people who are purely of East Indian descent. It may not be nice. But it's a derogatory word that is specifically aimed at that racial group.
Nibbles Oct 28, 2013
Ook, forgive my earlier typo.
jombie Nov 24, 2013
Growing up in the 50's..the blacks call us (East Indians) coolie...the correct spelling Kuli....Today I am A proud COOLIE........Negro
Bullet Jan 19, 2014
I doh know about all that buh from what I know coolie mean acting way to Indian lol it's actually not a insult , I'm half trini and Guyanese lol
Jerry Poliah Feb 08, 2014
The word collie is Hindi so it's used to describe someone who carries load on their heads example luggage to the train or from the train. Anyone who carries load on their heads, one who is very proud of my heritage .
sita Feb 14, 2014
coolie.... negro people call East Indian in Trinidad coolie .its considered a derogatory word. but its actual a term use in India for people who carry load\baggage on there head
Lennox Wyllie Mar 28, 2014
We all know about Trinidad but according to ""
1. An unskilled laborer, especially formerly in China and India.
2. An unskilled laborer employed cheaply, especially one brought from Asia.
3. A contemptuous term used to refer to an Asian, especially an Indian living in South Africa.
I wish we would all decide to stop using that word. It reeks of
Lennox Wyllie Mar 28, 2014
I wish we would all decide to stop using that word. It reeks of degradation and racism.
Proud Coolie Apr 19, 2014
Coolie comes from the Hindi word "kuli" which means slave or unskilled manual labourer.

Dougla comes from the Hindi word "doogala" which means mixed race or impure breed.
Allison E Daniels Jun 21, 2014
Hey Caribbean people, the truth is, regardless of the correct definition of 'coolie', today it is used to refer to any East Indian person regardless of their status in society. In the Guyana you're either black, coolie, dougla or bufiano; but if someone doesn't like being called those names then just respect that.
JAB Jul 19, 2014
And to think, I almost tattooed the word "Cooli" on my left arm. It' truly a blessing to over stand all perceptions. So powerful it caused the drawing tone become framed rather than engraved upon my skin. Peace and Love.
M Sep 22, 2014
How disrespectful
David DB Sep 22, 2014
Actually, coolie also refers to Chinese laborers. From Wikipedia: A coolie (alternatively spelled cooli, cooly, kuli, quli, koelie and other such variations), during the 19th and early 20th century, was a label applied to a person from Asia, particularly if they were from Southern China, the Indian subcontinent, the Philippines or Indonesia. Today, it is also a contemporary racial slur for people
David DB Sep 22, 2014
of Asian descent, particularly in South Africa.
Jigs Oct 31, 2014
It is another racist term for trini Indians. It is what it is.
Tintin Nov 13, 2014
The term here is correct if you are Jamaican. Coolie is not an offensive term in Jamaica. My family is black and coolie, for generations we've used the term and we use it proudly. Outside of Jamaica I've heard it can be a problem. But as far as Jamaicans go, Coolie is what we Indians and mixed race people call ourselves.
Beeps Dec 02, 2014
It does not matter what the origin s are. What matters is that it is an offensive and derogatory word used to describe East Indians in the Caribbean and elsewhere. It is said with contempt and with the intention to hurt.It is neither funny nor polite. The term is just as hurtful as the other word used to describe Africans. We both feel the insult and the pain of non acceptance.
jah jah Dec 20, 2014
The definition is correct that's what people call me nd my family we are from Jamaica but we are originally Indians mixed with Africans
J.Mod Feb 15, 2015
We use the word Coolie to describe Black and Indian mix. My family is from Jamaica.
j j Mar 26, 2015
I used to live in the Philippines and they called Indians Boombais
We all need to get Apr 10, 2015
I personally think that it is crazy to refer to a person or to use racial slurs to describe a person.
shanice Apr 11, 2015
Im a jamacian mixed with indian. I think where i come from in Jamaica i think it is a correct term to describe a mixed person. Im one by the way. I have a question, why do people call it rude to call people coolies?
Rosy May 07, 2015
Why would anyone want to be compared to an 'unskilled labourer'. Really?? Only people that don't know any better still use that term - or refer to themselves as this .....
KB May 31, 2015
Words can mean different things depending on the country or culture using it. So the word coolie can be a derogatory term in Trinidad used to describe those of Indian decent, or a term used to describe someone of mixed ethnicity in Jamaica and still hold its original meaning to describe a labor in Asian countries. Knowledge is power, how will you use it?
Patrice Edwards Jun 16, 2015
Dictionary meaning is irrelevant as yaadies never went to a dictionary and decide to call people coolie from it. People look cool skined cause a dem heritage and get called coolie. If yuh fat yah fattie, if yuh black yah Blakie. Come on man surely unuh know how Jamaicans or caribbeans stay don't over think it or take offence by it. Labelling is not a good thing because of the western worlds
Dougla.Girl Aug 28, 2015
Someone of east Indian descent. Meaning your ancestors from India were taken to Guyana as immigrants. The term "coolie" was given to the Indians working on the plantations in the west indies by the European "whites" who were they're masters. Both my parents were born in Guyana, so I asked my coolie relatives.My mom side of the family is dougla and coolie, My dad's side is afro-guyanese.
Christopher Sep 14, 2015
You dum people coolie is a hindu word that's means laborer in English people that is from east indian decent and that is pure Indian blooded they are called that so if they are mix with anything else black asian European etc the are not coolie they are just mix it does not matter if their half indian the are not coolie , if you are not pure east indian blooded you are not a coolie
Christopher Sep 14, 2015
The birtish used to call them that when they were ruleing india that's where they got the word from then when the British fooled their dum ass and bring them to the caribbean and south America they used that word towards them cause they came as labors to work for the birtish in the caribbean and south America the only type of person that are supposed to called coolie are pure east indian people
Christopher Sep 14, 2015
So if your from Guyana india Pakistan Bangladesh ski lanka and trindad any country and your pure full blooded indian your are a coolie and if your mix indian you are not coolie you are categories to be Dougla or mix that's y it's important to know your history folks
Sher Sep 14, 2015
Here in Jamaica Coolie is merely a universal identifier for a group of people because we can't be bothered to determine what % you are of any race. From u have a toops a indian in you, you are a coolie. Most if not all Jamaicans of Indian descent proudly identify as coolie. All the same, I will try not to use this word to any non-Jamaicans because I just can't be bothered with the intricacies.
Boo Sep 22, 2015
I am a born Jamaican wid all dew respect, "but seriously!" bwoy dem comments mek mi glad to be a Jamaican the most liberal caribbean country ever. We welcome anyone whether Coolie, Indian, White, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Haitian, etc. I myself have relative of Indian descent and mi call dem Coolie it nuh bother dem cause we nuh stereotypes.
Donnaélle Oct 05, 2015
There shouldn't be any confusion there are different meanings for some the same words everywhere. My stepfather is from Jamaica and to this day he still will call a mixes breed a Coolie.The word "Coolie", in Jamaica, refers to one of Adrian decent or one who appears to be black mixed with Indian decent. The word is typically used for black people with silkier hair textures. Its not offensive guys.
James Oct 06, 2015
Waah gwaan people James from Jamaica. Well there we find it disrespectful to describe people from there nationality so wi a gi dem Nicknames, The word coolie there is mostly used to describe indians , But mi sometime use it to describe someone who is cool. Lil Everybody is welcome in Jamaica, and if you don't like to be called like that... No problem
James Oct 06, 2015
I'm Dougla (British, Jamaican, Indian) Suh basically fi mi it nuh mattah weh yuh waan fi call mi Bredda Nigga ain't bad either
Sandra Oct 15, 2015
In St. Maarten, Coolie is a compliment. It describes someones hair. Curly hair ppl are described as a coolie. Whether mixed or not you a coolie or have coolie hair once you have curly hair. Knowledge is power. If we really knew the true meaning and origin of the word we would not take it as a compliment.
Mike Oct 18, 2015
Take it from an old head, educated, Jamaican- coolie is not a nice term. We called people from India coolies, which means workers. We called them that because they came as indentured servants and ruined the laborers' struggle for better pay and working conditions. Jamaicans were never divisive but to people from India and to a lesser extent to the Chinese. Call me a coolie and we are fighting.
karishma Oct 21, 2015
I am from new York what I know is when they say coolie people is people who is from the Caribbean islands or who is one.
Imageprobill Dec 15, 2015
All I know is that in the movie "GHANDI" when the conductor on the train was speaking to Mr. Ghandi and referred to him as "coolie" the conductor meant it in the same way southerners called African Americans "niggers, black boys, jungle bunnies, spear chuckers and sambo".
lordAvid Jan 11, 2016
Yup that's pretty much the accurate definition
Sarah Mar 06, 2016
In St.Vincent and the Grenadines, anyone who has curly or naturally straight hair is referred to as coolie. The term is not strictly saved for people who definitely have Indian in them. My hair is naturally curly, I have no Indian in me whatsoever yet people refer to me as coolie all the time. Guess the word has different meanings depending on where you are. No reason to argue though!#OneCaribbean
Kii Mar 14, 2016
This whole debate is centered around semantics, words have always changed meanings based on the era and the culture of people. Coolie may have originated from the Hindi word, Kuli or it may not have. I have always been referred to as Creole, which simply means a mixed race. For us it specifically refers to our roots, French, Indian, African descent.
Honeytan Mar 22, 2016
It is what it is. It's offensive to some and not to others. Peace and Love👍🏽😊
Angela Apr 03, 2016
Regardless, people we are all humans.
Natasha Apr 19, 2016
The word Coolie, is a derogatory term used by the English to define slaves from India and China. Weather indentured or not, they were given the title of indentured servants to feel superior to African slaves. Divide and conquer, just as was done in the past and modern day. Just as they did in Rwanda with the Hutu and the tutsi's, just as was done on the island of Hispanola with Dominicans and Hait
Natasha Apr 19, 2016
Haitians. The "N" word means tired and lazy.. If people accept this, then anyone of any race should be able to use this word, even Caucasians. Just because Cool** and Ni**er, have become terms of Endearment, in social circles doesn't mean it's right or should be used. I am a West Indian American, woman of East Indian descent . My husband is a West Indian American man of African descent.
Natasha Apr 19, 2016
I dare someone to call my daughter a coo••e, or my son a N***er, it would be over. Stop staying simple and stupid elevate these words have no place in society. Terms of endearment my ass. Wake up.. This topic can be so deep and can go further, but I will just chill. Stupid shit
Lupita Ramclam May 10, 2016
In Belize, most people refer to the East Indians as 'Coolie'. My ma tha one. Tha nuh fi mek people tek offense. Different words have different meanings in different places. Key word: different. 🙄 Bless up
Trini Gyal Jun 03, 2016
Coolie mean unskilled worker referring to people from only east Indian descent. Where as doulga is people mixed with Indian and African descent. Stop being so ignorant and stupid. For some people throughout the world coolie is a racial slur, is an equal to nigger. So don't call anyone coolie if your not from full Indian descent cause if you do you are racist.
Hothead Pinkney Jun 15, 2016
Nobody cares lol we call them coolie
Shan Jun 27, 2016
In life, one word can carry multiple meanings. Who is anyone to tell the other person that they are using the word in the wrong way or for the wrong thing. It all boils down to respect for a person's wishes. If they don't want to be called by a certain term for whatever reason accept that but don't you dare tell another that they shouldn't be ok with a word because you're not. "Freedom" Peace out!
bolton Jul 09, 2016
Me myself have straight black hair, im english, my mother is white english and my father is jamaican but wid black curly hair..ppl always ask where im from?? Ive been called indian, šouth american, italian, mexican, phillipino..all sorts!! Wen i tell them my heritage they're quite surprised! Sum of my english black mates, their jamaican mum say 'coolie' wen ive told them..never botherd me! Peace!
nbcool123 Jul 15, 2016
Say something, keep it civil.... keep tracing back to the origin, and you will get lost. Especially if there is no documentation. The world is changing. Along with those changes, literature may be carved into something new. What means one thing in the East will not always be the same in the West.
Sunil Aug 20, 2016
Much of human history is superseded so there is no wrong answer. Yet another theory: It is a British word used to describe labours brought from Asia (Indian, Chinese and other). The reason the word is known in India is because the British introduced the word.
Ricardo Sep 13, 2016
I live in England with a whole set of Jamaicans . They seem to think the word coolie means black and Indian. Clearly they don't know there history. I was watching a documentary called how Britain re-invented slavery. The British used the word coolie to describe the East Indian migrants . In Guyana and Trinidad where there majority of East Indians went they call Indian and black Dougla.
Ricardo Sep 13, 2016
I don't know what happen in Jamaica where they changed it up and found that coolie meant Indian and black . But if Guyana and Trinidad seem to know there history very well, why don't Jamaicans know anything about there history ? Please some of you go to school or use YouTube/wiki to learn something. Clearly some of you are lost .
SMH Sep 15, 2016
Its Marathi for servant or labourer not Hindi
Su Wayne Sep 24, 2016
My dad has Indian descent and so do i .I have had good hair growing up but I never remembered anyone calling me coolie .To me one you are mixed with Indian descent you are coolie which means -person of Indian descent or person with Indian hair.
Blossom goulbourne Sep 29, 2016
It is what it is, sometimes we tend to use words incorrectly. We always use the word cooley to mean a person who is mix with indian and black. But as
Blossom goulbourne Sep 29, 2016
It is what it is, sometimes we tend to use words incorrectly. We always use the word cooley to mean a person who is mix with indian and black but the fact is, we were using the word incorrectly we do that a lot of times. Education is good
Ashmanie Nov 27, 2016
i Guyanese and I doan take offense...
Fisal Ally Nov 29, 2016
You may want to read Savitri's Garden by Fisal Ally, I've explained the term, please visit for some free eBooks, and to learn the truth about the term "coolie"
Fisal Ally Nov 29, 2016
In Savitri's Garden, Chapter 8, I explained 3 definitions. 1) Coolie meaning porters, baggage carriers etc.. (unskilled labor)..These people were not promised to Guyana 2) Coolie meaning skilled agricultural labourers, e.g the Dhangurs from the hills (coolies or hill-coolies) of Chota Nagpur...These people were promised to the planters in British Guiana (Guyana) to cultivate their plantations.
Fisal Ally Nov 29, 2016
3) Indian of Various classes - People of all kinds of classes arrived in British Guiana in 1838 and not the coolies as were promised to cultivate the plantations. According to Sherif Whinfied in Berbice, there was not even one hill-coolie (coolie), meaning the experienced agricultural laborers in Guiana; the people came from places like Agra, Beneras, Lucknow etc...they were Indian of all classes
Fisal Ally Nov 29, 2016
The main things to understand is, the planters were serious about getting good workers, and this is why Gladstone and his friends were promised the "hill-coolies" or short "coolies" from the hills of Chota Nagpur because of their skills in agriculture and that could handle the conditions...they were not promised porters (useless for the fields), but the recruiters grabbed anybody from the north...
Fisal Ally Nov 29, 2016
The recruiters grabbed anybody they could fool and kidnapped and put them on the ship...these people were not from the coolie class, they were cooks, clerks, priests, beggars etc...However, because they planters were expecting the "hill-coolies" (coolies) skilled agricultural labourers, they thought the "coolies" arrived...but they did not arrive..the wrong class arrived, but the name coolie stuck
Fisal Ally Nov 29, 2016
In other words, there were no coolies that arrived in Guyana. If the coolies did arrive, they were very little like under 10%. And you could conclude the same for Jamaica, Trinidad and everywhere else in the world. However, in Mauritius, many Hill-coolies (coolies) from the hills did arrive there, because the planters were serious, and would ship back the unskilled labourers to India....
Fisal Ally Nov 29, 2016
Summary - So when we speak of "coolie" for Guyana, we are not speaking of porters etc.., we are only speaking of the skilled agricultural labourers. Why would the planters ask for porters, when they could request the skilled agricultural labourers? However, they did not arrive. It was Indians of various classes that arrived in Guyana and the Caribbean, and not Indians from the coolie class ...
Fisal Ally Dec 06, 2016
Back in the 1800s, when the planters were speaking of coolies to cultivate the sugar plantations in Mauritius, British Guiana (Guyana), Jamaica, Trinidad etc...They were only speaking of the skilled and experienced agricultural laborers also called coolies. They were not speaking of baggage carriers and porters. The whole internet is messed up, along with many books, using the wrong definition...
Fisal Ally Dec 06, 2016
For example, because Mauiritius is very close to India, when the recruiters tried to ship anybody such as a cook, a clerk, a beggar, the planters would get upset and ship them back to India because they were not experienced in agriculture. The planters knew that people that had no agricultural experience will soon run away from the plantation; now apply that to Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad.
Fisal Ally Dec 06, 2016
The coolies the planters were referring to back in 1838 were the hill-coolies (coolies from the hills of Chota Nagpur - often meaning the Dhangurs) because they were already trained and experienced agricultural workers in India working the British Indigo plantations. They can get the work done. They were not speaking of unskilled labourers such as baggage carriers and porters;
Fisal Ally Dec 06, 2016
But what happened is, for example, because there was 1838 famine in norther india, there were many people migrating for work, and the recruiters (duffadars and arkatis) would grab anybody they can trick and fool and put them on the ship to Guyana. However, the planters in Britain didn't know that. The planters in Britain though that the experienced agricultural labourers were heading for Guyana...
Fisal Ally Dec 06, 2016
so the planters thought that the coolies (hill-coolies) were in Guyana. Many died because they could not do the hard work. The Anti-Slavery Society tried to cancel the contract and have all the Indians shipped back to India because of the high death rate.But the word coolie got stuck - it's a misnomer.The Indians that arrived in Guyana, Trinidad, Jamica were not coolies...but the label got stuck
Heyy Dec 12, 2016
I'm proud to be a COOLIE
Deo Jan 14, 2017
Coolie is derogatory preiod
Satman aka Coolie 1 Jan 17, 2017
Greeting all. I use it as my name and live to redefine the meaning. I have embraced it with love during my stay abroad as a way to stand out and stay grounded to my identity. I can spit a Brit and US accent but I don't give the word(s) negative power over me. If you think it offensive, teach your younger ones by encouraging them NOT to use it. It has become a term of endearment/endorsement to me.
Bridget Jan 22, 2017
The word"coolie" as a reference to Indian people is equally equivalent to calling a black man the "N" word.
NoWisdom Jan 27, 2017
Apples and oranges
Emma Jan 27, 2017
"Satman aka Coolie 1" you're right about not giving words[people etc] negative power over us. Amen
Chat on.... Feb 07, 2017
Okay are we done with this discission
KNO6WLEDGE Feb 08, 2017
Jamaicans are not the only ones that used it in that way other Caribbean islands say it as well
Chainz Feb 15, 2017
I accidentally referred to a Trini girl as 'coolie' and it was an issue. Just to say, the word coolie is accepted as a normal word in Guyana so I just have to watch my tongue when speaking otherwise. My view is that different regions have different meanings to words. No single definition is the correct one.
Chukalunka Feb 18, 2017
Please do not even say this word. It is derogatory. Like the "N" word. Jamaicans especially need an education on using this word. They think its normal. In fact people do not go around calling someone by their ethnic name. I do not go around and call someone "hey negro" or "white man over there"... I am sometimes being called "Indian". Love and respect for others changes it all.
Jamaican Mar 07, 2017
coolie means load carrier but its a derogatory term used to describe people of indian descent, because after slavery blacks didnt wan't to work on plantations so they brought in the indians.
Maya Apr 03, 2017
Why do Nigro ppl hair get hard fast?
Greenz Apr 04, 2017
A person who is of Indian descent is a coolie.
errol kydd Apr 18, 2017
im a born british from high wycombe, england my family are from st vincent with indian background i see my self as coolie since ive been growning up the name indian didnt really exist to me
Shane Apr 19, 2017
Once you have they will call you coolie😂
Shane Apr 19, 2017
Once you have curly hair they will call you coolie😂
Fisal Ally Apr 23, 2017
I made some notes on coolie back in Nov 2016...The term coolie is a misnomer, in the way the term Indian becomes the name for Native Americans. This began when "Coolies" were promised to the British Guiana (Guyana) planters to enter Guyana in 1838 to work in agriculture. They were only speaking of the coolies from the hills of Chota Nagpur (northwest of Calcutta). Part 1
Fisal Ally Apr 23, 2017
Part II. The people in the hills were already trained by the British and others to work in agriculture, and they were skilled experienced agricultural labourers. This is where the term coolie comes from. Because they were in the hills, they were known as the "Hill Coolies." There were coolies from the lower land, but they were not preferred. They ones in the hills were preferred because of experie
Fisal Ally Apr 23, 2017
Part III. So the term coolie already originated in India for this group of experienced agricultural labourers. But what happened is, the hills were being depleted of coolies for Mauritius, and the recruiters (Duffadars and recruiters) tricked anyone from the north from places like Allahabad, Agra Behar, Beneras to come down to Calcutta and board the ships. So they shipped the wrong class
Fisal Ally Apr 23, 2017
Part IV - You can read the book "Savtri's Garden" - But the planters thought they got coolies, but they were not coolies, they shipped mainly unskilled labourers of all classes such as priests, cooks, etc...and not the agricultural labourers who were given the name Coolie - SO STOP LYING TO YOURSELVES YOUR ANCESTERS WERE NOT THE EXPERIENCED AGRICULTURISTS (NOT COOLIES)
Marko Apr 24, 2017
Wow. Y'all same family The oldest tribes of Jews ( the real ones) Migrated to India and other parts Africa and on to the Americas and Caribbean. We are dark, some fair, mostly Brown and black. Just like us coolies. The original slaves who are also ( negro) i.e.... Hebrew. Also known as westindian, Guyanese , yard man, pInt is most coolies and negroes are Hebrews who migrated new lands
ZZZZOUDI May 06, 2017
Coolie doesn't mean anything
ZZZZOUDI May 06, 2017
Coolie doesn't mean anything
ZZZZOUDI May 06, 2017
Coolie doesn't mean anything
ZZZZOUDI May 06, 2017
Coolie doesn't mean anything
Day May 06, 2017
Since I could remember i was told that I was a beautiful coolie. I honestly don't see how our ancestors could offend a person who has some of the same attributes. If your a coolie I think that you should embrace it. Peace and love
NoWisdom May 18, 2017
Why is it that Jamaicans and other islands refer to light skinned people and darker skinned people as coolie, is it just because they have nicer hair
Beckles May 19, 2017
What are you saying????
Daisy Jun 01, 2017
What the heck is good hair! Why are people in this 21st century still ignorant? Why, Why, Why!
Indian gyul Jun 17, 2017
If you are of indian descent you are a coolie thats just how it is known.
KSH Jul 10, 2017
Dreshaun Jul 19, 2017
Nuh seh nothing
Jonail Jul 22, 2017
We should all just remember that no one is better then anyone. We are all here for the same thing it dosent matter..what ever the word is just be respectful. Different places different things.. just be aware of ur surrounding.and watch what u say wen ur around others..
Bobzy Oct 28, 2017
I have stop using this word a long time ago...
Doc Taylor Nov 05, 2017
Have you guys ever heard of dialects
Anthonus Dec 11, 2017
I am Canadian (Sri Lankan).@ The Bay in Masonvill, London-ON, girl at the counter insisted TWICE that 'we Indian people' were called 'coolie' people in Jamaica (she is 'light-bronze' Jamaican with German mix). Said it twice and I said - We are NOT Indian, we are Sri Lankan. She apoligized, I made a mental note to do some research before judging - she is INSULTING Indians/browns! The Bay is Racist?
pj Dec 27, 2017
It is a word racially used but a lot of Caribbean folks don't know this so to label people who use it as racist is a bit steep. Same as the word negro...comes from a root word in Spanish which mean black /dead and a lot of people in America use it like it is nothing. Knowledge is understanding things from another perspective...we all need a bit more of this
M S Feb 21, 2018
Coolie is referred to a person of Indian Origin in South Africa in a derogatory sense. It’s highly offensive to call a brown skinned person a Coolie.
Sebastian Tombs Apr 05, 2018
So, in Canada all Jamaicans/TT blacks who are barbers, chefs or do other labour (streamlined) jobs have NO REGARD for Indians and South Asians who do executive jobs. Canada has some serious HUBRISm to deal with. They do consider all brown people 'coolie' people. Canada is on a path of self-destruction because the OLIGOPOLY wants to sweep racism under the mat for their advantage!
NYG Apr 05, 2018
LMAO Like seriously
Thomas Apr 21, 2018
You're all correct! There is actually a very good wikipedia page about this term, and it DOES mean very different things in different countries, with both positive and negative connotations.
Alvin Apr 25, 2018
I'm a Trinidadian of Indian ancestry. Yes, we are called "coolies" and it's an offensive term here. However, I call other people as "coolies" when it suits my fancy. Feel offended if you wish, which was my intent in the first place
^^^^^^^dead May 11, 2018
What the #%&! was that?
Mavros Aug 09, 2018
I work in a school and the kids ask me if I'm coolie. I ask them not to use that phrase as it has negative connotations. The correct term is of Asian heritage or mixed race heritage. I explain some people could find the term as offensive as the N word. However, I do not use the C word or the N word as a matter of principle, those words were coined by the colonizers.
Guid bar Aug 19, 2018
Yea! We all need to stop calling people nsmes. Back in guyana they say koli buck niggar.
Shine Oct 17, 2018
Well growing up we used to use the word coolie as degrading intention and coolie a name to be proud of, in school I remember they get tease, one of the things used to be said, was coolie shit pon calaloo and turn round naym it
FaxNoPrinter Nov 02, 2018
In Jamaica, both full and half black Indians get called the C word. I never cared to use the term growing up, even before I learned it was offensive, but Jamaican Indians and half Indians call themselves the word too because it's become so normalized. My parents still use it now and then, out of habit, but I've made it a point of duty to correct them when they slip up.
da boss Nov 18, 2018
my uncle married an indian. so i have a mixed afircan indian cousin.
Fisal Ally Dec 07, 2018
Grew up in Canada and wrote "The Trilogy of Savitri's Garden" about the Indians that left India in 1838 for Guyana. When they arrived in Guyana, the Sheriff found out that the Coolies were not shipped to Guyana (maybe about 10%) - they shipped all kinds of other classes that could not do the agricultural sugarcane field work (THEY WERE NOT COOLIES) and thus many died and escaped from the plantatio
da boss Dec 08, 2018
NoNameJoe Dec 19, 2018
Chris you is from AMERICA
Paula Jan 25, 2019
At the end of the day as someone mentioned above. Different cultures have different names for different things. It doesn't make it the wrong or right word. It's that cultures word for a particular thing or group or object. My dad is of East Indian ancestry and in Jamaica they are referred to as coolie, a lot of the Indians yhere use it to.
Paula Jan 25, 2019
Guyana Mar 28, 2019
It’s a heavily racialized word!! I don’t care if you’re Jamaican don’t use it!! It’s only to be used by indo Caribbean people!! No exceptions!!
cooliebai Apr 03, 2019
Does that mean there are no indo carribean people in Jamaica?
Lan Apr 04, 2019
sam Apr 11, 2019
I am proud to be called a collie. My children, while not born in the Caribbean are proud collies. They even have tea shirts with the work Collie on the back.
Captain Apr 14, 2019
Andrea May 29, 2019
Lol y’all so bothered
Not so cool Jun 14, 2019
Most bigots and racists get self satisfaction by using old words to insult people they are 'forced' to serve - like a 'whitish' person from TT who has to serve a customer from Sri Lanka (true story) who is doing well. So they say things like 'you Guys' or 'We love coolie people like you' without calling them Sir or Madam. So the shops like The Bay, Restaurants, etc lose business...
Zaba Jun 22, 2019
I believe they are different well some of them I'm with a coolie n he's nun y'all said
Duane Aug 07, 2019
My great grandparents were east Indians who came to Belize. They say all east Indians in Belize came from Jamaica.
Duane Aug 07, 2019
Have anyone heard the last name, Gilhary, Sadassi, Pirtu, Wailey, Ramcharan in Jamaica or probably Trinidad?
Kit Sep 01, 2019
Interestingly enough I looked this up a minute ago after having a conversation with my husband, you see My daddy’s nickname for me was coolie I guess not because I was a worker but because of all his eight children I was the one with long silk fine hair. I’ve had other nicknames by people in my neighborhood like moye, lala etc . Each one was a term of endearment, always said with pure love,
andree Oct 04, 2019
This conversationreally teach me, man, more than it occur to mi before. Very intelligent spread of thought and listning.
Ann Oct 27, 2019
We use words loosely in the caribbean, I read in an article that a" DOUGLA" as used in India were ppl whose parents belonged to different castes. It is derogatory meaning bastard and mutt. So then most Indians in the Caribbean are themselves Douglas.So before we use terms to describe others think if we would like to be called the same.
Loso Oct 28, 2019
Coolie is people from east indian decent, black and indian is dougla or mixed. I never here coolie people being mixed with black and indian.
Gt gal Feb 01, 2020
Ah wah dis hay😒, Coolie is a term used in Guyana everyday rass to refer to persons of Indian decent✌. Coolie bai/coolie gal we use um everyday in de Village, I neverrrrrrr met any Coolie person that felt offended yet when I call dem dat rass. Plus it even get de coolie bai song by "Mystic" check it out on YouTube deh 😎. In Guyana we call Amerindians "Buck", Africans "Black man/oman etc😒
Gt gal Feb 01, 2020
Also "Coolie" is nah nobody that mixed with black and Indian 🙄🙄🙄🙄, A "Dougla" is someone mixed with Black and Indian get ayo facts straight ✌✌✌
Rasta Feb 03, 2020
Coolie and Nigga is the same thing only coolie ppl can use it
Conn Feb 13, 2020
Thanks for the education, people. I used to use it as it was a term that I grew up with, amongst older Jamaicans. I wont use it anymore. Most people only use it in the context of the black and Asian mix. The wide, younger majority do not know the true definition. One converted person, after today !
Jojo Mar 06, 2020
Where I come from coolie is a child who is half black and half Indian and proud to be so, no derogatory meaning
Mr Benjamin Mar 18, 2020
I m from new York what I read is coolie is pure Indian descent and doogla is Indian and African Indian and African descent.but in new York it mostly go by the hair.
Dizzy Apr 25, 2020
Who write this shit!!!!!????? A Coolie is not a person of mixed African and Indian descent, that's what we in Trinidad call a Dougla....please get it right!!! A Coolie is a term used to describe a person who is normally an unskilled labourer, mostly poor that carries a load. Only ignorant and illiterate people in Trinidad use the words, Nigga and Coolie. Stop this nonsense eh!!!!
Trinibai Jun 06, 2020
I does know d word “coolie” as indian in tnt🤷🏾
Trinbago Jun 06, 2020
Based on some of he responses here, some----some, not most-----of ya chupid.
Anonymous Aug 23, 2020
So, by definition, nasty-mouth Supercat is a coolie man, right?
Anonymous 🇯🇲 Aug 25, 2020
All you black people who think it is ok to call Indians and mixed race people “Coolie,” how do you like you and your kids being called “Nigga” Both are disrespectful and demoralising terms used to humiliate others. Treat people the way you want them to treat you or shut your stupid, foul mouths. No sensible person who truly respect Indians or mixed race people would call them
... Aug 29, 2020
The C word is a derogatory term and many people still don’t know and use it loosely. We have to educate ourselves so we don’t make mistakes that offend people.
Jinkies rival Aug 29, 2020
U doh study which avenue I walking dung. Ah go traverse every avenue in north southern Cuba tuh find yuh and light yuh up like a cigar
Abigail Oct 06, 2020
Stop with the comments do u see me saying that junk why don't we are nice to each other.
“Coolie” is offensive Oct 13, 2020 Here’s the context it’s used in!! - Exposing racism in Guyana
Hares a link to a Oct 13, 2020
Taylor Oct 22, 2020
Be nice people
Ravi Oct 24, 2020
In guyana it's a word for Indian (slightly derogatory) In jamaica it's not derogatory it means indian or mixed (duggla in guynana) Obviously started off from indentured times when all indians and chinese were poor workers.
Marcus Nov 09, 2020
Iam janaican Indian Mixs mother side
Paula Nov 14, 2020
@Hothead Pickney - I care. I heard a friend say this about a family who's son recently died. I will most likely not be her 'friend' any more, because I felt so offended on their behalf. But I also realise that the 'culture' says it's okay. It's not.
Ishy Dec 08, 2020
Coolie is now regarded as derogatory and/or a racial slur in the Americas (more so the Caribbean), Oceania, and Africa / Southeast Asia – in reference to other people from Asia. The term differs from the word Dougla which refers to people of mixed African and Indian ancestry. Coolie is instead used to refer to people of fully blooded Indian descent.
Paul Deleon Dec 28, 2020
Coolie is an offensive term regardless of what some other Jamaicans say. My mother is mixed race Jamaican and my father was direct from Punjab India. He was a farmer. The N word is not acceptable either. For the record my mother is part original Arawak along with European and African ancestry. People don't call most Jamaicans African though that's where the overwhelming majority originate.
teacher Jan 17, 2021
yea bredda jamaica is mostly arawak,european and some african mixed
Ding Ding Jan 27, 2021
I have never heard of someone being offended of being called a coolie in Jamaica. Why because the meaning has long been separated from the term. I'm sure people find it offensive else where but people don't use the word coolie as an offensive word in Jamaica.
Jamaican Yardman Jan 28, 2021
The Bredda that claims he's a teacher he'll have known that Jamaica is a Majority Black African Country with a small percentage of mixed then an even small coolie/indian & Chinese population then the descendants of colonizers who for some reason never left our island. We're Majority BLACK AFRICAN People. The mixed & minority doesn't represent us.✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿 Also Coolie
Sheena Feb 26, 2021
I don’t know what that person is saying. Jamaica is out of many one people and yes it’s majority black but that does not mean to use the word “coolie”, are you dumb or are you dumber??? Would you like the Jamaican Indians call yuh “nigga” GTFOH ..i’ll cuss anyone who say that word. Damn fool. Common sense is common sense, using it in derogatory way then wah nyam we curry. Move
Sheena Feb 26, 2021
I heard they teased my family in school back in the days “bout coolie hair” and all ah dem and them grandpickney a buy “Indian hair” now..get from me wid dat crap. Bout “it’s ok to use the word in Ja” no the hell it’s not. It will be ok, when it’s ok to say nigga. Gweh
Deleted Feb 26, 2021
I live in india. East. Seven seas from the west. Before the pandemic, somebody who looked like an expat called me a ni***r while shooting hoops. Socked him. After the lockdown ended, I went to the railway station in khakhis and a red shirt..not looking my best. Not my worst either. A lady tapped me on my shoulder and said, aap mere coolie banoge? That literally means, will u be my coolie?..f*ckery
21567 Feb 26, 2021
The bredda "jamaican yardman" , don't you hear the word is offensive, educate yourself , dummy!
LB Mar 05, 2021
I'm trying to work out the meaning of Moy(e) Young - my nan was often called this by the chinese people in town - but said with affection. Does anyone know what this means ?
irie Mar 10, 2021
Coolie, and Duggla are offensive terms. I am Indian. Since I was a child, I disliked the term “Coolie”. It was always used as a curse term. I was called the Coolie Gal and I have detested the term with a great passion and, I still do. In my family, Duggla was never used. My Daadee Ma (Grandmother in Hindi) would have a conniption. People need to stop using these humiliating classifications.
Bob Apr 20, 2021
That is an extremely offensive term. I am indo Caribbean mix with mixed Africa and Indian dissent. If anyone were to call me that it would turn into a physical fight.
Kimmie May 21, 2021
I am a black Trinidadian and used that term as a child and teen. As an adult I now find it offensive and would never use it again. I have Indian and Pakistani friends and love and respect them too much to call them that. Words have different meaning depending on the country. If a word offends someone we should respect them enough to treat them kindly.
Reno Sep 01, 2021
Idk bout yall but it’s completely different in jamaica and it basically mean mixed, and no Jamaica even if they mixed feels a way about it cause we have our own word for it. You can tell Jamaica to change how they talk cause you don’t like it
Shari Sep 28, 2021
The people who are saying it's ok to say it in Ja are the ones who are NOT from Indian descendant hence that response, it doesn't affect them so they don't give a damn. I'm Jamaican however I'm from Indian background and it's a negative stigma just like the N word. If you don't like the N word, why should we. KMT.
Ctrinigo Oct 16, 2021
I have been called coolie as a kid growing up in Trinidad, I have called others nigger and doogla. As people of all minority groups look to be respected for the content of their character and not the colour of there skin, I refuse to use any of those term that have been used to dehumanize people of colour. It’s about being aware, if we can’t respect ourselves how can we expect other to
Kim Nov 03, 2021
Question is how you identify with the word I have mixed heritage,African,Asian, and white ancestry. Both parents are Jamaicans, both have different views on the word. My mum side calls me coolie. I have inherited more of my Asian side. I dont like the meaning of word,but i get why people use it to describe a mix of people.
Kim Nov 03, 2021
I think if white people re-naming people of other races or need to think of why they called that particular group that name? Why are people called black? and not African?( Nigerian Ghanaian Kenyan ect...) When you look into the meaning everything becomes racist. Even the word Nigeria! White people called it the land of Niggers. Look up the meaning Halfcast...who remembers that word?
Ráschaul Dec 27, 2021
@Kim “The name Nigeria was taken from the Niger River running through the country. This name was coined on January 8, 1897, by British journalist Flora Shaw, who later married Lord Lugard, a British colonial administrator. The neighbouring Niger takes its name from the same river. The origin of the name Niger, which originally applied to only the middle reaches of the Niger River, is
Ráschaul Dec 27, 2021
“… is uncertain. The word is likely an alteration of the Tuareg name egerew n-igerewen used by inhabitants along the middle reaches of the river around Timbuktu before 19th-century European colonialism.” It’s weird how you assumed it’s based off “nigger”, the British aren’t Americans lol. Believe it or not, not every word starting with “n” has any correlation to
Bobby Dec 27, 2021
Niger takes the name of the river, which in turn comes from Tamashek gher ngheren 'the river among rivers'.
Yelloow Feb 23, 2022
Hi I just wanted to say somthing so I can keep this thread going for this year
Guyana May 21, 2022
It’s aggravating that racist black people constantly feel entitled to using the word! The word does not mean mixed!! It’s offensive it doesn’t matter the context
Indo Guyanese Jul 16, 2022
I prefer Indo-guyanese and I speak the queens English. But more importantly, save our OIL
baje Aug 20, 2022
Coolie is the people in the vans that drive around selling all brand of household and otherwise items. It’s mostly men of South Asian/Middle Eastern descent but you can have black coolie men who as I said drive around selling items from a van. Consider them your friendly neighborhood door to door salesman and please don’t lock up when you see them and pay them what you owe them from last
Spice &nutmeg Aug 25, 2022
What ?!
CoeurC Dec 01, 2022
Same use and same definition in Martinique to describe a person with Indian origin and with curly hair.