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coolie plum
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A small round berry about 3/4 inches in diameter. The fruit is green and turns yellow as it ripens. Ripe fruit may occasionally develop a rust brown colour and a cracked texture. The unripe fruit is firm and slightly acidic, and grows softer and mushier when it ripens. The berries have a single hard seed.
food, plant
coolie plum
tali Aug 01, 2012
tannyluke Jul 06, 2013
One of my favorite fruit. Never saw this fruit in any other parish but Kingston Jamaican.
Angela Oct 26, 2013
Why can't they export these. I love coolie plum especially when they turn nose naught. Lol
Chris Feb 09, 2014
a nuh susumba dat?
tamicia Feb 11, 2015
its so nice and sweet
tamicia Feb 11, 2015
it is so nice and sweet
cecil Jul 09, 2016
Hi. When i lived in spanish town i had a tree in my backyard. It was very common in spanish town. I have never seen it other places in jamaica. Hog plum is totally different than coolie plum. Thanks.
KNO6WLEDGE Feb 08, 2017
Lj Jul 21, 2017
I have seem it both in kingston and in Spanishh Town. Some nurseries carrys it in Florisa. Very delicious
Lj Jul 21, 2017
Thatis Florida .you can find a few plants in some people's garden...and some Nursery
Nella Oct 23, 2017
Can somebody tells me the scientific name please?
Lee Dec 23, 2017
What is the origin of this name?
One of my childhood Jan 26, 2018
Sharn. Tree ina me yaad.
Sharn Jan 26, 2018
Tree ina me yaad. One of my childhood favorite fruit. The plant has a shitty smell when it blossoms. Delicious when it is turned with pepper and salt.
Jb Mar 18, 2018
There's a lot of cookie plum in St. Elizabeth. Particular in Brompton and Black River. School days best fruit in January and February, I recall.
Cookie Apr 20, 2018
Lots in Bog & Dawkins Pen near Lionel Town, Clarendon
Lucious Apr 28, 2018
Where in Florida can I buy the plant?
rob Apr 28, 2018
where in south florida a nursery might have the plant for sale?
Lucious May 10, 2018
I am trying to buy the plant. anyone know which nursery in Florida sell it?
Dee Dec 03, 2018
We just planted one in our Garden in Cayman Brac! Just about to eat my first coolie plum!
Sher Jan 09, 2019
What's the health benefits