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Any of several species of stinging nettle plants. Contact with human skin causes great discomfort.
anonymous Feb 10, 2011
An noh cowitch that!
ir Jun 20, 2014
do you know you use this same plant byputting it in some hot water and let cool to stop itch
Harry Potter Feb 23, 2019
That is what we call cowitch (corich) in Jamaica and also another one we call barber cowitch which is something like a bean pod but it is covered in brown itchy velvety hair that can be easily shunned off by wind (travels in the wind) or direct contact.
Kabby Jun 01, 2019
I know it as "Stinging nettle"
Vaswani Jun 30, 2019
Jamaicans call both of them cowitch.....the stinging nettle and the velvet central parishes the stin ginger nettle is popular and in eastern parishes the velvet bean (pods)
Sue Feb 01, 2020
Stinging nettle and every GT know to stay clear of it ✌
Kim Jun 29, 2020
Stinging nettle
Gavin May 29, 2021
i've been doing quite a bit of research that indicates that cowitch in Jamaica and stinging nettle are not the same. stinging nettle leaves are for example placed on a female's breast to stimulate milk production, it wouldn't be a good idea to try this with what we Jamaicans call cowitch. also notice the way the stinging nettle plant grows upright unlike cowitch which is a more vine like structure
Is the Jamaican Aug 15, 2021
I would really appreciate your assistance concerning Jamaican cowitch and stinging nettle, thanks
Bobby Sep 13, 2021
stinging nettle
Pink Jan 29, 2022
This scratch nf I remember as a kid when this touch me, yuh entire day spoil enuh and yuh skin just a scratch but you can rub leaf of life on it and soothe it