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A frog or toad
bull frog
A cane toad. The cane toad is a large tropical toad originally used as a method of pest control for sugar cane fields because of its voracious appetite.
bull frog, bully ben
DouglaChiild473 May 05, 2009
lmaooocrapoLawdwe does say diis in Grenada 2
anonymous Sep 16, 2012
Crapeaud is how Trini does spell it
Louisa Feb 11, 2014
This toad is known to have a glandular substance that can be fatal to dogs or cats who lick or bite the toad. The dog will foam at the mouth, can lose mobility and even die. If your pet encounters such a toad and has symptoms. It is important to flush their mouth out completely with a hose and get them to a vet immediately. The vet may have to keep the pet overnight for an IV flush.
jtriniangel May 09, 2014
its crapaud after the french word for frog
DH Feb 19, 2015
Spelling correction necessary, right at the top HEADING for this subject matter.
It's a FRENCH word... CRAPEAUD
*not* crapo (that's how it's pronounced, but not spelled)
wulf Feb 20, 2015
This is not a french dictionary.
paul Mar 09, 2015
probably old french. Its crapo to the people who use the word...why would you use the current french
ria Apr 02, 2015
Not old French at all French words are not pronounced as spelt. ( makes it a bit difficult for native English speakers) ,Endings are usually not pronounced.
Delanna Jun 05, 2015
I think crapo and frog are two different animals... Doesn't crapo grow from eggs while frogs grow from toads
ria Jul 17, 2015
they are pretty much the same. Aren't toads from eggs at some point??
John Hill Jan 18, 2016
Crapo an frog two diffren ting, man - dey like cousins. Both come from egg.
John Hill Jan 18, 2016
Crapo come from French word for toad - crapaud.
Bobzy Oct 23, 2016
Frogs also usually have moist slimy skin, while toads have dry bumpy skin. That is usually the best way to tell them apart.
Kemisha J Feb 27, 2017
Yh pronounced "crapo" but spelt "crapaud"
Geese Jul 14, 2017
If its spelt crapaud wouldnt it be pronounced crapaw just a guess
John Doe Jun 19, 2018
You ever hear someone say "crapaw" before? All I ever hear is "crapo".
James Dec 24, 2018
Crapo is a toad.. frog is different
Ad Nov 21, 2019
The spelling is french, it is a french word...y’all acting like if the Caribbean ain’t had french influence
Sue Feb 01, 2020
Hey it's crapo for most ppl but the origin is French 😒😒😒😒 but this ain't no french dictionary this is de west Indian dictionary
Pei Nov 04, 2020
Dominica’s national dish
sam May 17, 2021
We use that word in Grenada as well. so you should add the Grenada flag.
L Dec 18, 2021
crapaud Is the proper spelling.
Kelly Jan 13, 2022
It’s crapo fa Caribbean creolese so lukewarm ah she crapo try y’all shit somewhere else is crapo we agon spell it carry y’all Lil dictionary somewhere else this is some random text message I ask google and this is the fas thing I a see😐😐😐😐😑😬
Kelly Jan 13, 2022
Y’all aga try deh
Ken Jan 21, 2022
It is Crapaud in French..We people dem does say Crapo. Just as with the word Lantern post (lamp post) we people does say Lantinpoas How about the question "What time is it?" We does say. "What a clock?"
Ken Jan 21, 2022
Actually the pronunciation of Crapaud it sounds like Crapo.
Kelly Jan 24, 2022
Me nah kno a wag Gwan so imma just say crappy spell craps story don deh
Kelly Jan 24, 2022
Say crapo spell crapo stupid autocorrect