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People of the country of Belize, no particular race or culture specified. b: known for colorful vocabulary and unique individualism c: extremely curious lot and opinionated, especially in matters not concerning them.
Josie Jan 25, 2016
d: loves free things
Sandy Jan 25, 2016
Also known as Cruffers
lokeygyal Feb 05, 2016
Facey- Acting with lack of consideration for other people.
JohnNason Oct 03, 2016
Rude people
Les Nov 15, 2016
It’s not just an attitude, it is a way of life and survival. Cruffy’s tend to get what they want, when they want, at whatever or whomever’s expense. Their needs and wants have no limit, and they are not ashamed of their very distinct and expressive personality.
tex Feb 05, 2017
Cruffy are Belizean. We are unstoppable. Open, harsh, opinionated, genuine, hard. We get money.
Sherylee May 17, 2017
Gruffy people are most likely to "feh-feh" in other people's business with no regards of personal space and they have absolutely no chill whatsoever.
TEY DIMES May 17, 2017
"We are unstoppable. Open, harsh, opinionated, genuine, hard. We get money" #THUGLIFE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
McGreddy Sep 26, 2017
Worthless person
M.Delbert Sep 26, 2017
I Know some people like that, Cruffy , " deh-no-business" and yeah they love money and Food.
MD Oct 04, 2017
cruffy are lazy people, shameless, rude and inconsiderate. They watch too much tv that they believes they can all be superhuman when threatened. Haha
ETD Jun 11, 2018
Wow sound like white trash
Kelly Jun 12, 2018
For realz @ETD..MD sound quit bitter and hurt no puss back foot.
Josh Jun 13, 2018
Cruffy (noun.) 1. Known to part take in matters that doesn't concern them 2. Very opinionated in matters that doesn't concern them. 3. Vulgar and unappreciative person(s) that are more concern of others lifestyle rather than their own. 4. Person(s) that wishes bad or misfortunate things on other individuals.
Belizean Jun 13, 2018
For instance, clear example of cruffy (noun) are the cockroach (verb) MD, EDT, and Kelly.
Bze Jun 15, 2018
Stupid ppl
Hmm Jul 05, 2018
Are cruffy people shim?
Mark Jul 05, 2018
It's down right degrading to define a word by ones people. Cruffy originated from the type of hair of the African slaves that was free in Belize. This is racial and degrading please remove .
Linguistics Aug 09, 2018
Wait; That’s a very generic and uninformed definition. It needs to include the following: culturally retarded, unevolved, vulgar, narrow-minded, backward thinking, retrogressive, primitive, prone to violence and generally insufferable to the enlightened.
Dean Aug 21, 2018
David Aug 31, 2018
The original definition is good, but additional comments have made this racist and very insulting. Keep it civil people and realize every culture has their unique traits which includes good version and bad versions
da boss Nov 18, 2018
i agree with david. lets just leave it to the definition. i'm black and i don't take any offense
mt Nov 24, 2018
True, but cruffy are also loving, friendly, proud of their country and heritage.
da boss Dec 09, 2018
yes mon
da boss Dec 09, 2018
proud to be belizean
Harry Potter Feb 23, 2019
Real kungo, peppa grain hair, raaban nigga.
Cruffer2000 Jun 04, 2019
I don’t care about all ya shims I’m a proud a cruffer I don’t care shut up hatters u will never win how can u win against a whole country Belize ftw 😈😈😈 SHIMMERS FOREVERRRRR I AM A. CRIUUUUUFER
Jay Sep 10, 2019
Cruffy dah wah no good dutty gyal
Shanice Esperanza Apr 04, 2021
Loud ass rude people who like free ting and Ghetto
Richard Mar 06, 2022
Cruffy is also used to describe crusty feet.
Robin Aug 18, 2022
Robin Aug 19, 2022
Rude ass people
Luis ramirez Oct 27, 2022
Pablo Jan 07, 2023
Cruffy is the Belizean(specifically Kriol culture) way of life. Resourceful, patient, blunt, welcoming, cautious, fierce, raw survival!