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A round fruit about the size of a tennis ball. It has a glossy leathery skin that is either green, purple, or some combination of the two colours. Inside is a purple and white milky flesh that exhibits a distinct star pattern. The fruit is sweet and eaten raw
food, plant, fruit
The tree and fruit of Phyllanthus acidus. The intermediate sized tree produces small, flattened, multi-lobed, berries with a high acid content. The tart yellow berries are edible raw, but most often stewed with sugar, ginger and other spices.
food, fruit, plant
Abi Sep 08, 2014
ANA Dec 29, 2016
How can you get this fruit in southern USA.
dr.trini Oct 23, 2019
i know it as kymate
CNCCreations Aug 06, 2020
We call it damsel, it is used to make stew and can be also eaten with salt or not. I haven't had it in years.
Dorothy Oct 08, 2021
In Jamaica we call it Star Apple. Two types - one with purple skin and one with light green skin.
Ashley Dec 09, 2021
In Guyana we call this Gooseberry
Mia May 23, 2022
We make tea with it
José Jul 19, 2022
In the mountains here, it is called "chulo". It is normally eaten as a paste like guava paste.
Sonia Oct 13, 2023
Damsel is a small fruit, it is a mini starappple, even the tree and the seed seem similar. We chewed the fruit sometimes until it becomes chewing gum.