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Ziziphus Mauritania; A small round berry about 3/4 inches in diameter. The fruit is green and turns yellow as it ripens. Ripe fruit may occasionally develop a rust brown colour and a cracked texture. The unripe fruit is firm and slightly acidic, and grows softer and mushier when it ripens. The berries have a single hard seed.
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lizzy0456 Jun 20, 2010
Another name for it is Aprin, this is the wayy they call it back in Vieques , Pr also in the Virgin Islands
Deborah Jun 17, 2013
TY Lizzy..I have been lookin for this a while now Deb
CJL Nov 30, 2013
Dungs in Trinidad and Tobago...when they get really ripe they tend to be slimy and those are called "snatty nose"
Hands Jul 05, 2014
Dey cum forum a tahl tahl tree, right?
jason Sep 19, 2014
ITs pronounce downs.
That guy just Jan 08, 2015
Dunks Doung (Aprin, Chinese Jujube, Coolie Plum, Crabapple, Dindoulier, Dunk(s), Gingeolier, Indian Jujube, Liane Croc Chien, Mangustine, Perita Haitiana, Petit Pomme, Pomme Malcadi, Pomme Surette, Yuyubi), Its commonly known in Trinidad as dunks, but these are the other names.
pomme serret Aug 20, 2015
That's what I grew up hearing it being called. Not sure of the spelling
Terry Dec 04, 2016
I live in Florida I have this tree
Ann Mar 15, 2017
What are the health benefits
Ali Apr 05, 2018
How does this plant grow?
Lee Oct 20, 2018
How to grow this plant? Does it grow from seed?
Kabby Jun 01, 2019
In Guyana this fruit is known as "Dungs"
Kenneth Aug 18, 2019
Just had some really nice ones today. The kids loved them. Found a piece of land with about fifty trees spread out all over.
Kenneth Aug 18, 2019
Just had some really nice ones today. The kids loved them. Found a piece of land with about fifty trees spread out all over.
Donna Oct 19, 2019
It is called JuJu in Bahamas.Donna
Tc Jan 04, 2020
Its doungs in Tobago. Snatty nose, when over ripe becomes crimpled like dry raisin
Winston Sankar Jan 16, 2020
It wonderful l call little apple when it is delicious .
Sue Feb 01, 2020
Dungs bai 😋😋 eat it with some salt and pepper or you can pickle it.
C.R. May 01, 2020
I am from Canada, but Guyanese. I have been searching the net for this fruit. I just came across a YouTube channel that the person was eating jujube. I said wait a minute this looks like Dungs cause these ones are large almost like an apple size. So happy to find some information on Dungs. Wish I could find this fruit in a grocery store here. I use to have Dungs Tree on our property back home Gyna
Donna Jul 03, 2020
I’ve been in the US for almost 40 years and I can still taste a nice dungs. When I was growing up I’m Guyana one of my neighbors had a tree. Still remember looking for the brown ones. :-)
Herma Sep 14, 2020
I was given some dark red fruit yesterday, but they tasted like "dunks", which is what we call it in my native Eastern Caribbean. So I roamed the internet today, looking for "coolie plum", its name in Jamaica. Scientific name? Ziziphun Mauritiana.
Ramona Jan 27, 2021
This is dungs, but there is a variety found "down d islands" in Trinidad that get as large as an apple. It is delicious. I've seen and tasted it only once. So it is relatively rare.
Stephen Jan 28, 2021
I went down at cerdos beach to have a bath and was suprised to find 2 trees right there on the beach i took up and pickea about 100 love then they were sweet
L Feb 20, 2021
In St. Maarten (Dutch Side), it's called "pumsarett". I'm not even sure how it's spelt, but that's what it's called here.
Daniel Mar 31, 2021
Locally in sxm it is called pomserrette. We even have a street named after it.
tammi Mar 04, 2022
Ziziphus Jujuba / Z. mauritiana Factsheet