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fat pork
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Fruit of the Chrysobalanus icaco,which is a shrub or bushy tree, rarely 10 metres tall. In late summer it bears fruit in clusters, that of the coastal form being round, up to 5 cm in diameter, pale-yellow with rose blush or dark-purple in color, while that of the inland form is oval, up to 2.5 cm long, and dark-purple.
coco plum
fruit, food, plant
fat pork
Deborah Jun 17, 2013
Hey this fruit a "douns" like in Guyana?
Patos Jun 25, 2013
It probably is but it is called Dunks and not Douns here in Trinidad and Tobago
biggly Jun 26, 2013
no, dungs is what jamaicans call coolie plum
Michelle Mar 21, 2014
Very prevalent in Barbados.
Sheri Jun 13, 2015
Fat pork is very fleshly and the skin needs to be peeled.
Dee Jun 22, 2015
The picture is of the Bajan sea grape. The fat pork is a white fleshed fruit in red skin, it is also found on sea shore, especially the east and south coast.
Teacher Julie Jul 02, 2015
I love Fat Pork. We have the white, pink and red varieties. I have been using them to make wine. They are used as hedges in several shopping centers and the pharmacies in Florida. The fruit is often black and the white flesh stands out. They are sweeter than ours.
Antonio Mar 15, 2016
Fat pork
Doudou May 05, 2016
I remember the shrub like trees growing on the river banks bearing small fruits of various colours. Namely, greenish, peachy, purplish but they all had an edible skin with white flesh; & once you'd eat off the skins & flesh, u bite it to reveal a dry edible nut inside. We used to hang out our washed clothes on the trees to dry while we bathe, and cook. Call it river wash day picnic ti
Spaispwagh Oct 06, 2016
Fat pork
French Guiana Jun 02, 2017
IFOHOFOH Jun 09, 2017
Fat pork
IFOHOFOH Jun 09, 2017
Why can't fat pork be made into candy
Kevin Sep 06, 2017
Fat pork
Leslie s Sep 16, 2017
@patos dat is not douns dat is fat pork.douns is green and sour.u can find douns opposite ptsc bus servicing in san fernando
ruth Jan 05, 2018
I now have the plant of the white far pork. Just as sweet and tasty.
rosita Jul 01, 2018
Good day to all! I would love to know how or why "fat pork" got it's name. Thank you in advance!
Edith May 22, 2019
One of nature's best fruits.
Miah Feb 01, 2020
This is Fat Pork in Guyana buddae. You gotta peel the skin then eat it πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹, it rale sweet and yummy
Angus Mar 10, 2020
Don't have to be peel skin, you can eat with or without.
Calvin Apr 16, 2020
We call this fat pork as well. Haven't had in years... Miss being a kid.
Mista Catt Aug 13, 2020
We call dis fat pork as well
Charmine Aug 30, 2020
You don't have to peel it. It has a nut also.
Jay Nov 07, 2020
We also call this fruit fat poke you can eat the skin i have a tree in my back yard this is the third for the year it bringing fruits.
Kufuo Apr 12, 2021
I just pick some of this today πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Storm May 16, 2021
Visiting my grandmother in the 70's, we were exposed to the fat poke , we ate the skin and all, the local name was sekak
Irma Jun 21, 2021
Hi, I would like to know if the seeds in the fat pork fruit can grow.
Bobby Sep 15, 2021
the Guyanese call it fat poke
Kat Sep 27, 2021
Can't wait for my tree to bearπŸ€—πŸ€—
Stephen Dec 06, 2021
The real name is Coco Plum but I grew up hearing it called "fat pork"
Angel May 21, 2022
Kevin Jun 05, 2022
Carl Jun 05, 2022
Grown in New York ?