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five finger
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Carambola; A fruit with a star shaped cross section. As it ripens it turns from green to yellow. The fruit has a tart taste and is a good source of vitamin C.
food, plant, fruit
five fingerfive fingerfive fingerfive fingerfive finger
Robertha Nov 24, 2012
Also called Star fruit for the star shape in the center when it is dissected.
Karl Jun 14, 2014
We don't call that five finger in saint lucia we call it star fruit
Mi Dec 19, 2015
Star fruit ❤
Lennox Jun 11, 2016
In St. Maarten we call in Star Fruit.
Lucan Sep 03, 2016
Star fruit
GEO Oct 30, 2017
Star fruit
Miah Feb 01, 2020
"Five fingah/ finger" we call it in GT 😋😋😋 juicy and sweet. We would pickle it, make jam, make juice and some ppl make achar with it.
Camelia Jun 10, 2020
We call it five finger in Trinidad
Tamya Jan 21, 2021
we call it five finger in grenada
Jai Aug 10, 2021
Shamrack is the Guyanese name for Five Finger, Carambola and Star Fruit.