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forty leg
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Centipede; Any of a wide set of many legged arthropods. They are venomous, and their bites may have effects ranging from mild discomfort to life threatening. Their colouration varies with some being black or dark brown and others being orange and blue.
forty leg
anonymous Sep 19, 2011
what are of the thing we can use to get rid of fortyleg
reid Feb 24, 2013
take a knife and cut it up
SANDENA Aug 28, 2013
Maureen Mar 29, 2014
Centipee or forty leg they are called here
Andy Sep 23, 2014
When I lived in Guyana a retired port knocker who was cleaning our yard found a big one and called me to kill it. He said he could not do the execution and he had an immunity given by the Wai Wai Indians. He offered me a "centipede cut" as the immunity... I refused and killed the creature. I am terrified of them.
Ray Ash Sep 26, 2014
Forty leg and centipedes are two different creatures.
Des Jan 30, 2015
Well, not really Ray Ash. A forty leg is really a forty legged centipede....
Grenada Mar 01, 2015
centipede, or Santopee
morus Oct 12, 2015
O god there the same thing Ray Ash
Ray ash Nov 16, 2015
Me is a fool
Beauty Mar 30, 2016
I'm terrified of those things! I'm terrified of every bug LOL
Delroy Jun 05, 2016
I found on in my bathroom last night.. it look dangerous though.
Delroy Jun 05, 2016
still not sure how it get in
Günther Oberreiter Jun 07, 2016
in 20 yrs visiting Jamaica, mi see just one, mi landlord cut it fast
Didier trejo Jun 10, 2016
People can't believe talk shit and no say nothing about forty legs bite how to get rid of the bite that hurt to bombo cloth
Dahksahna Jul 14, 2016
If you see one betta put yuh foot dem inna yuh hand and tek off
Shontel Sep 12, 2016
A santopee bit me last night Now I can't even move my shoulder properly That hurts like shell😭😭😭
Justin Nov 12, 2016
Wana dem bite mi, mi bal da time we a do was big one
LOR Dec 04, 2016
Since moving to Portmore, I have had numerous encounters with these critters, I terrified of these forty legs as they are every where in the, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living & dining room even in my clothes & shoes, what can be used to get rid of these critters, I am even unable sleep at night, these are some very hugh ones. Any ideas are welcome please.
EnglishT Dec 09, 2016
When u catch 1 cut it up and put it in a bottle with some rum. If u get bitten again use that solution it should help.
Ricky Spanish Dec 15, 2016
It's not a pretty bite I tell you. I was bitten twice in less than an hour while sleeping one night, once on my elbow that woke me up then I went back to sleep and again woken up by the other bite in my lower back. And a week or two later I was bitten on the ear, again while sleeping, luckily this time it was a baby. The pain from the bite lasted about 45 minutes to an hour. It was VERY painful!!!
Liyah Apr 07, 2017
So them reach on your bed ....still ne fraid a them can even sleep n nuh think bote it
KEKE May 01, 2017
cut off the head it have the stingers or use bug spray.
kitti May 29, 2017
we dont call it that... or atleast ive never heard that.. only in jamaica ive heard that.
Create Aug 21, 2017
I just saw one on the bathroom floor forty legging in a dam circle and then a look up and see big crocko lizaz ova mi head a walk n wine make a u-turn fi leff d scene only fi buck up inna masss overgrown tell me fi sumbody weh ave a insect phobia how me feel?
Gracie Oct 23, 2017
I always kill them what works like a charm is throwing very hot water on it,and it dies very quickly and or the use of our ever present cutlass or a metal toe shoes use it until its crushed. Usually for me crushed means its dead...
tiny Jan 22, 2018
I just saw one on my varandah about to crawl under my front door.It was a fully grown one! I had the shakes instantly.Gave it a poke with my umbrella and it shake and turn in the next direction, gone out into the night.I'm scared and paranoid as hell now.What if it comes back? It was so dangerous looking! Good thing i saw it,imagine if it had gotten inside! I stuffed the front door with a towel.
Jojo Mar 18, 2018
I was just showering and felt something running down my back. I used my hand to sweep across my back and it fell to the floor. Had to use my shoes and hit it about 6times & then washed it down the drain. I boiled some water and poured it down the drain as well. My daughter could have been the one in there. Thankfully it wasn't her.
Jojo Mar 18, 2018
I was just showering and felt something running down my back. I used my hand to sweep across my back and a forty leg fell to the floor. Had to use my shoes and hit it about 6times & then washed it down the drain. I boiled some water and poured it down the drain as well. My daughter could have been the one in there. Thankfully it wasn't her.
Jj Apr 06, 2018
At montego bay and these creatures are here in armies as huge as a football boot, I'm on camp for three days and I haven't slept and I'm too terrified of these devils
Lee Apr 29, 2018
I was just bitten few hours ago, deadly creature.........
Arlene May 20, 2018
I killed one in my living room Thursday night its the first I ever say anything like that i was so frightened .
AH May 21, 2018
Why do you have to kill 😢 😠 😠 😡
Jay Jul 01, 2018
Was sleeping early in the morning and felt a little sting and ignored it and then I felt something crawling up my leg and shook whatever it was off. Turned on the lights to see what it was and saw that it was a forty leg dancing around in the bed. Felt really creeped out...
Marbar Jul 03, 2018
Bert Jul 04, 2018
Did you know they have no backbone?
Bert Jul 04, 2018
Also centipedes prefer warm, damp places hence why they will often make their way into homes from outside...SOLUTION buy humidifier.
Shelli-Ann Sep 09, 2018
It almost bite my 2 month's old daughter last night almost bite her sister years ago at her age n I let my father kill them both. They a big. i was afraid to sleep
Elrick Oct 22, 2018
thats one thing i dont like about back home.....big stinkin multi-color sanapee lol
Pat Jan 20, 2019
My son was just bitten by a forty leg in his head on his bed we took him the soldier camp and the medic give him son something for it he is still in pain
^^^^^^^^^^^ Jan 25, 2019
Tash Apr 21, 2019
I was just bitten the area is swollen. I wish I knew how to get rid of the pain and swelling.
Yaaadman May 21, 2019
On the roadside talking and felt something on my foot. Used my hand to move it away and realized it moved, then I felt a sharp pain. I jumped up and flipped my foot in the air same time. The other guys laugh after me and start look for it. Found it on the wall beside us, a very small one too. I killed it my self. Crush him till nothing left. But the pain no so bad now. Feel a little better.
Cbar Jul 22, 2019
Saw a baby one a week ago. Spayed and killed it.big one tonight. Spayed it like hell then crushed it with a stone. It was a scary experience. Hear them sting harder than scorpians
jj and jb Sep 22, 2019
forty legs are dangerous creatures say no to all i agree put your feet in your hands and take flight...
Bear Oct 14, 2019
I was just bitten by one, I was actually sleeping, woke up to a terrible pain in the back of my neck, first thing came to mind was ice, I got some ices cubes to numb the pain, it helps, my mom killed it, luckily I'm not allergic to anything like insects or anything forty leg/ centipede related This incident happened after 4 in the morning, bruh a the worst feeling eva
o1warren Nov 15, 2019
Forty leg, deadly creature,,,
Brian Dec 14, 2019
@ bear......i just got stung after 5 in the morning. Aigh idk what to do
Sas Feb 14, 2020
I just got bite by a baby one I rub garlic over it area where it bite an i stop feel pain in no time.... Not sure if the garlic works when the big ones bite
skky Feb 29, 2020
I just saw two today and just step on them and rub them out
skky Feb 29, 2020
I just saw two today and just step on them and rub them out
Easty Mar 01, 2020
I was just in my bathroom talking a shower when I saw a red-brownish object whining across mi shower curtain mi say o lord mi Tek up mi draws Inna mi hand and run all now mi soap up abs the pipe a run god help me with the water bill cause that nah lock off by me
Rushina Apr 05, 2020
I was asleep and I feel something in my clothes I flash it out on the bed and I freak out and wake up My sis and she kill it...little after I feel pain in my hand hurts a lot
bach Apr 27, 2020
one time on visit to jamaica one a em crawl up me battyhole. reckon brudda still there while i type dis
Devon Apr 27, 2020
I once had a baaaaaaaad experience wit one of deez forty legs. one tried to bit me in da toto and it was not gooood.
Deen Jun 01, 2020
Swear these creatures are vicious. Saw three in my bathroom and I killed them. Its like they like my rrom or something. Saturday night I was on my bed and a huge one was moving fast trying to get in my bathroom and I killed it with my shoe. Have to slap it about six times before it dead. This thing was huge and I had a panic attack after. Took me almost half an hour to finally take it out.
Tash Jun 05, 2020
Y wen fortyleg bite u its swell so big
Lia Jun 19, 2020
A wonda how much a them born on time
Lia Jun 19, 2020
Cece Jul 07, 2020
I just find one in my room and me n my boyfriend is so scared I’m paranoid because i dont know where it came from and how much more is there
Chin Jul 12, 2020
I found a forty leg, and a garden snake under my breadfruit tree while collecting rocks last night. I wasn't afraid of the snake but the forty leg give me the creeps. I put them both in a bottle of rum. My uncle said it's good to rub pain but I'm not sure if there is truth to this. Forty legs are dangerous I say, although I only got bitten by the babies. Didn't feel anything
jess Sep 17, 2020
two a dem crawl up mi foot one in di bathroom and one outside mi very paranoid now, killed di one in the bathroom but mi took a long flight from the big ass one from outside this is why mi hate fi go outside and i cant even shit/pee in peace without one coming at me in the bathroom
Me3 Oct 13, 2020
One bite me bout 1:00 inna di morning, mi fly outta mi sleep and feel a sting and pinch the area then i got up to use the bathroom and when i look is a big 40 leg dat jump offa me and drop in the toilet didnt even feel or suspect a thing, the time is now 3:32 and i cant sleep cause of the pain and swelling
Sheenz Nov 09, 2020
I was having a nice shower just now and I saw something coming in my direction at a fast pace I freaked out...ran out of the shower with soap on my skin....but it didn't bite me..i poured a lot of bleach on it and it still did not die...they're terrifying
Jabarri Nov 12, 2020
Bally Nov 30, 2020
saw one in my bedroom one night, which is unusual as I don't live on ground level.was sleeping and heard some rustling, woke up, turned on the light and saw one running out of a plastic bag. I jumped up and sprayed it to death, waited a few minutes and put it in the toilet. scared for life
Channie Dec 29, 2020
lol it rarely causes any real threat to humans, it is only venomous and fatal to its prey like other insects especially soft bodied ones, we’re not it’s prey we’re giants and their little venom can’t hurt us. Maybe to someone who has an allergic reaction to insect bites but not a regular man or woman
Sksjznsnw Feb 12, 2021
Did you guys know that once there is one there is a lot more?
Sksjznsnw Feb 12, 2021
They have Bout 50-60 babys one time
guzzla Feb 18, 2021
i need a cutlass and a bottle of white rum
Shattap Apr 05, 2021
One just bite me on my hands it's just a little painful
Maine💋 Apr 10, 2021
I don’t know if these things love my room are what but mi tired a them man, portmore is the work place when it comes to these things, my hand is hurting like crazy right now because of one that just bite me. I can’t even go back to sleep because I’m terrified and scared 😟
Maine💋 Apr 10, 2021
Worst *
Spray May 13, 2021
One bite me last night I went to look for a girl
Abby May 19, 2021
I just see a baby one run in my room and I searched and can't find it. I just spray out the entire room with insect spray. Guess I have to sleep in the living room tonight because am paranoid in my room.
Dane May 19, 2021
Amoi Jun 05, 2021
One bit me like 30 minutes ago and my feet hurting like hell I can hardly walk and this thing keeps sticking me 😫
Han Jun 07, 2021
I don't think we should mess with it cause i saw it last night it looks very very very very very very dangerous
ashley Jun 10, 2021
my friend saw one in her house and it killed her😢
Terry Aug 21, 2021
Was bitten by one in my forehead last week while dozing in my sofa. Funny thing is I'm upstairs..... I'm freaked out 😰
Terry Aug 21, 2021
Was bitten by one in my forehead last week while dozing in my sofa. Funny thing is I'm upstairs..... I'm freaked out 😰 it was painful. I sprayed it and burnt it.
Terry Aug 31, 2021
We made some soup with it afterwards. Centipede stew is really nice.
Andrew Leslie Aug 31, 2021
I do not know how long does a forty leg grow
Shantell Sep 05, 2021
Boy since me come a prtmore them nuff over here. One just almost bite me and run gone under neath me closet!! Now I'm scared.
Livia Oct 30, 2021
One just bite me and wake me out ma sleep. Hurts like hell
OMK Nov 08, 2021
A female can live for years and produce up to 150 baby centipedes in her lifetime.
Lissette Nov 26, 2021
This is the worst pain...Im sleeping feels somthing crawing on my stomach, jumped up and grabed it ...its a 40 leg !!! It bite me on my finger 2:35 AM....on the 3rd floor in my room the hell it got all the way up here😭😭 the pain is unbearable...Help!!!
Peter Dec 25, 2021
They also have another one here that looks like the forty leg, but it looks shiny like a snake and crawls like one too. What's it called again? I think it's galangwax or something like that. I just found one in my bed.
Nicola Taylor Jan 21, 2022
I read I. A book that the centepede has helpfully remedies I think it's a reader digest . It helps with memory. I am. Afraid of them . They usually comes up iny bath tub
Does it really work Mar 13, 2022
Does it really work for pain if you put it in a bottle and put rum on it
May Jul 07, 2022
I saw one that was small and it bit me it was so hot
Zoshi Aug 27, 2022
I saw a big one yestaday, me kill it with a chair
Charm Sep 17, 2022
I just saw a big one in my kitchen and when I chop at it went where my son has his toys along with some bathroom fixtures and electrical wires, but I was able to get a quarter of it. My question it grows back those legs that I was able to cut off?
Yush bossy Dec 20, 2022
Me nervous 😩 just move to portmore and every day me see two inna me house me a wonder how
Tash Jan 08, 2023
Hey one sting me in my sleep last night I jus up turn on d light n move the sheet saw it n grab up d baby run to the next room n come back with the pyro spray n grab a shoe same time I was so angry with it of all the places my bed while me n the baby sleep it had all day to present it self grandma come in give it bout several hit to make sure it dead
Ellie Mar 12, 2023
We have had 6 baby forty legs in the house. How many babies do they have? Keep benedryl on hand always in case you are bitten.
Ellie Mar 12, 2023
We have had 6 baby forty legs in the house. How many babies do they have? Keep benedryl on hand always in case you are bitten.
Reid Apr 08, 2023
I dont want none of them come bite me
Khiara Jul 29, 2023
One time I was chilling with my cousins on mi varandah n mi fell Smith crawl pon mi foot n at first mi did think a wah cock roach but den mi fell a lot of legs mi seh mi jump INA d chair n scream out forty leg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 mi Neva figet dat night