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fruta bomba
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A torpedo, oval, or pear shaped fruit. The fruit bears on a large leafed tree up to 10m tall. When green, it is cooked as if a vegetable. The flesh contains an enzyme named papain that serves as an effective meat tenderiser. When ripe it is yellowish-orange in colour. The flesh is bright orange, soft, and sweet. The insides are hollow containing a lots of seeds with each seed contained in a small liquid filled sac. The seeds and the fluid surrounding them have a bitter taste.
food, plant, fruit
fruta bombafruta bombafruta bomba
Cathy Aug 07, 2014
I tried making jam with this fruit but it ended up like syrup for still tasted good though
ROHAN Oct 25, 2015
sweet papaya
Tanya Jul 07, 2016
Love it just as fruit.
Terique Nov 04, 2016
I love this fruit!
French Guiana Jun 02, 2017
Sweet papay