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golden apple
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Ambarella. An edible fruit growing on large trees up to 30m. The fruits have thick, sometimes leathery skin and dendritic (fibrous or hairy) seeds. While unripe, the flesh is crisp and firm with a tart acidic taste. As it ripens, it turns yellow, becomes soft and develops a sweet taste and fragrant smell. Both ripe and unripe fruits can be eaten raw. It is also often prepared by juicing, stewing with ginger and sugar, pickling with peppers and spices, or made into chow.
golden applegolden applegolden applegolden apple
The bael (Aegle marmelos) is a hard shelled fruit about the size of a grapefruit that is used for food and medicinal purposes.The fruit contains hairy seeds and an aromatic yellow pulp. The yellow or brown shell is hard enough to require cracking by hammer or rocks.
food, fruit, plant
golden applegolden apple
Carla Aug 18, 2014
In Trinidad it is not know as golden apple. It is called pommecythere.
kat Oct 26, 2015
Amy Dec 30, 2015
Grenada also has lota of Golden Apples. I gre up on these as a child. I hated the pricking of the seed. Very nice fruit none the less.
Fuck Feb 24, 2016
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Khürt Williams Apr 19, 2016
Golden apple in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.
ly Oct 21, 2016
The Chinese call it bush long long
ly Oct 21, 2016
Sorry bush long long
you Feb 01, 2017
feona Mar 09, 2017
Moonlee Aug 29, 2017
In Dominica it is known as pommseetay or golden Apple
Shamara Dec 14, 2017
I love golden apple eat good
Gireauxe Mar 09, 2018
The fruit is also called Golden apple in Saint Lucia and pomme cythère in french creole
trey May 06, 2018
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sneezing lion May 06, 2018
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Estelle Jun 06, 2018
In Suriname we call it Pommisitair
Kilamankiro Nov 25, 2018
What do the comments by UR MOMA have to do with the naming of this fruit🤔
da boss Nov 27, 2018
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David Dec 30, 2018
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Donna Jan 14, 2019
it's called June plum in Jamaica
Trna Mar 07, 2019
Wam deah
Browne Mar 14, 2019
It’s called golden apple in Antigua