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The tree and fruit of Phyllanthus acidus. The intermediate sized tree produces small, flattened, multi-lobed, berries with a high acid content. The tart yellow berries are edible raw, but most often stewed with sugar, ginger and other spices.
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Zeva Oct 02, 2013
The Vincentian name for this is Damsel. I am luvvin this site :-)
Tunde Jun 21, 2014
These are also called gooseberries in Barbados
These are also called Jul 19, 2014
These are also called gooseberries in St. Lucia and in Creole- Patois, Siwèt
avijedi Aug 01, 2014
In Trinidad its called Sour Cherries :) We add salt ,pepper,garlic and preserve it. *Mouth watering
Wayne Nov 24, 2014
in Jamaica they are called JIM-BI-LIN
amy34 Nov 29, 2014
we call that cerises too ;)
♥Aisha♥ Jan 28, 2015
A suh them call it Ina different Caribbean nation.
Brudda Bob Feb 05, 2015
Goosahberry in Guyana. Used to make good "sowahree". Very good fruit for health and and may help with flushing toxins, strengthening bones, enhancing fertility etc. I rarely see this in Queens, Brooklyn or Da Bx. Some Indian stores sell the Juice
jamie Feb 20, 2015
We call it damsel its nice with salt and pepper or u stew it up with sugar and spice
ansha Apr 16, 2016
The make incredible jam and juice. Love the soury taste
ansha Apr 16, 2016
The make incredible jam and juice. Love the soury taste
shanti Apr 21, 2016
would really like to know if its the real gooseberry
Shireen Jun 17, 2016
We call it damsel, looking at it bring back memories of that sour yet wonderful taste. Been a verylong time since I've enjoy some damsel stew.
Shireen Jun 17, 2016
We call it damsel, looking at it bring back memories of that sour yet wonderful taste. Been a very long time since I've enjoy some damsel stew.
Shem Jul 13, 2016
We call it raspberry.
Raven Nov 21, 2016
We call it the same. But didn't trinidad call it sour cherry?
Steven-M Nov 30, 2016
We call them gooseberry. Very sour fruit but great as a jam.
Marcos Dec 19, 2016
El Salvador we call them Guinda
History Doctor Apr 01, 2017
This is Damsel! It is excellent for keeping hair Black and Shiny. It is tart and has a sour taste but when paired with sugar and vanilla it makes the best stews ever!
French Guiana Jun 08, 2017
Called surette/surelle in
Desmond Jul 17, 2017
We call it Gooseberry
KP Jul 18, 2017
History Doctor - How is it used to keep hair black and shiny?
GozEella Aug 31, 2017
Gooseberries, also known as amla, is a natural way to thicken your hair and naturally make it darker. The smell , depending on the individual , can be somewhat bothersome because it is very fragrant. It is best to leave in your hair and sleep with it on , but it does stain so wear something old. As for your pillow , place an old towel on it! Best of luck! This item is a real gem!!!
Joanna May 03, 2018
We call this gooseberry or siwet in St.Lucia. The fruit is sour and can be used to make jam...sooo delish!
Corbin May 11, 2018
We call it Gooseberry
Nella Jan 10, 2019
Getting don't gooseberry jam tonight. Can't wait. Mouth watering an all. Haha yes man. 🤤🤤
Lennox Phoenix Sr. Oct 15, 2019
In Antigua we call it rasberry..we make jam and juice from the fruit once in season. We also eat them straight off the tree.
Mr John Oct 19, 2019
I call it Goosahberry 👌
Mark Headley Oct 24, 2019
Ya man de Gooseberry was what school children love to pick-Wish i had some now.
Vernz Jan 19, 2020
We call these gooseberry in The Bahamas 🇧🇸, it’s awesome to make jam, ice cream or eat it raw with salt, lemon, pepper or season salts. But a lot of people don’t know about this fruit. I only know about it because my grandma had a tree in her yard and she use to make jam everytime they were in season. Delicious!!’n
Indra Mar 24, 2020
Looking for a plant live in United stayes
Jessy May 04, 2020
We call it gooseberry. We make candies on a stick. Not popular. It goes to waste.
Dondagun May 12, 2020
We call it gooseberry
Dianne May 15, 2020
Sour Cherry
Cin Jul 30, 2020
In St. Kitts we call it gooseberry. Makes a very nice jam and gooseberry wine is awesome
Spotless leopard Sep 25, 2020
We call them gooseberry in St. Croix. We ate them straight from the tree as children, and we also loved them stewed. I have a tree in my yard.
Charma Mar 14, 2021
Not a very popular fruit but however it' looks a lot like Star Apple fruit. Would love to try it.
Champion Mar 27, 2021
We called it raspberry... we will make raspberry jam, nice raspberry juice As a child we will eat and sing "Raspberry jam, the queen of heart,tell me the name of your sweetheart A, B , C..."
Sam May 21, 2021
We call it Gooseberry in Montserrat. It makes wonderful stew, drink and wine. Will definitely try it in my hair 👍
Alicia Aug 03, 2021
In Guyana its called Gooseberry. Help in lowering blood sugar. Take 4-5 every morning on an empty stomach and probably about 2-3 times a day.
Wright Aug 23, 2021
CHECKERIA Aug 25, 2021
It looks like a fruit they call cherry-meelia. I can believe this!.. Lol I'm glad researching
Ben Oct 10, 2021
Loving this fruit we called it gooseberry in English and in patois siwet can be eaten straight from the tree or by making jam with them very delicious & finger licking.