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gully bean
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A small green, bitter tasting berry. It is sometimes eaten alone after boiling or cooked with saltfish
susumba, turkey berry
plant, food
gully beangully beangully bean
Ainsworth Daley Sep 23, 2016
I do not think anyone out there has a better recipes dealing with the gullybeans,than I do. I can create many dishes, juices, and medicinal purposes with Gullybeans, That obtained as a fruit. I grew up eating the gully beans, and am now 43 years old in marvelous health. Praised God for such a plant. The Gully Beans, the health best.
Alton honeygan Oct 30, 2016
I am Jamaican live and work in the b .v.I I had been eating gullybean from I kmow my self its is one of the most delicious dish in allway you can prepare it the juice marvelous I love it susumba typing the comments I has a glass of susumba leaflets blend with ginger,.and garlic drinking to cure some stubborn flu that trying to take control of me .and it workings so you know susumba is medicine too
Angela Jun 05, 2017
Can I please have the recipe for the juice? Thanks
Douglas Bartlett Sep 03, 2018
Recipes by which I can get some health benefits