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A man who obsessively seduces and deceives women. A promiscuous heterosexual male.
person, sexual
wrongone Sep 23, 2012
Also Ginal/gynal a deceptive person-male or female.
Randy magnum Mar 04, 2019
gyallis A jamaican term used to define a guy that gets all the ladies, or can get a girl easily Obviously the women who wrote this definition has been repeatedly hurt, probably through her own stupidity and is venting her frustrations by augmenting the true meaning of the word gyalis.
Kartel Apr 04, 2021
Kemar May 08, 2021
A gyallis is a man who as his woman an take away a next man woman an make her. His girl reghter she's married are not
Orane May 09, 2021
I want to tack over a man woman
Mark Crown-Royale Jul 28, 2021
A Gyallis is a man who has all it takes to get women of all standards whether he's working or not, whether he's driving or not, a Gyallis is a man who makes people in general wonder how did he got her to be his woman, a Gyallis makes the impossible to you and many others, become possible to the world, she will even wonder to herself how did she got into bed with this person.
KC Aug 14, 2021
Is there a female word that is not ginal/gynal that describes the same?
Jonny2wet Sep 07, 2021
ShaiRakk Sep 18, 2021
My nigga is exaktly this... I love you Terry 😍
GYALIS Oct 05, 2021
Gyalis my ass
Miss G Oct 05, 2021
Nothingnerian! Man
Jaykwon Jul 31, 2022
Just keep it cool
Tk Sep 27, 2022
A gyalis is a man who every girl wants. The man y'all are defining to be a gyalis is the definition of a man whore. Being a gyalis is not about getting all the girls, its about being attracted to many women which you can pick choose or refuse. A man who has a lot of women is known as a whore. Same how uno call woman wid nuff man whore.
Sara Oct 17, 2022
Basically a man that can have any woman one or many
Ricardo Dec 29, 2022