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hard food
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Any starchy agricultural product used as food. Examples include, but are not limited to, yams, potatoes, bananas, cassava, pumpkins, and breadfruit.
hard foodhard foodhard foodhard foodhard food
Starboy Dec 15, 2009
Called Provisions in refer to mostly grown, grown/earth food. Another word for Staple food 
Gabs Feb 11, 2010
well in Bim, hardfood&drifood means someone looks scrawny and malnourished
Grace Grant-jennings Nov 08, 2013
Also Jamaica...
Gredeci Jul 28, 2016
Why is it also called blue food?
ravendarlin Nov 21, 2016
ground provision here in Dominica
Bobzy Sep 14, 2017
Simon Oct 24, 2017
Scrawny = Hardwood. Very funny, ha ha! Rastafari <3 London, England.
Simon Oct 24, 2017
As I & I, predictive text don't know Hard'food' either. ha ha :-))
Juliana blunt Apr 18, 2018
am looking for breadfriut
VincyPrincess May 20, 2018
We also call them provisions or ground provisions, but the Vincy term is “hard food”
Emrrr May 22, 2019
Flip potato
Julie Nov 14, 2019
Bread Kine here in Cayman
shameka Nov 14, 2019
784 Mar 30, 2021
Thats called provision. Ground provision